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  1. B

    fly without fear

    Fly through forests without fear ... but keep a roll of Scotch tape in your kit. Banjo-Jim Lowell, Michigan
  2. Skyhawk

    Prop Lock Slop - Could Be Cause of Some Crashes

    This is worth checking to avoid losing a prop, and your flybaby! As part of preflight check I have a routine that "may" have averted a near future crash. Without going over my entire preflight checklist, I'll cut to it and share what I found. One step, of just one of the Prop prechecks prior...
  3. D

    Flight #5, Crash #1

    Flew in the yard yesterday to test the prop guards. Recently I've been working to get familiar with the menus, so I don't miss something important, and so that I am able to find important things in a hurry when I need to. I can fly the drone fine, but get confused easily when something...
  4. B

    DJI’s new Mavic Pro Low Noise Props is quieter and stays in the air a bit longer

    I finally get my hands dirty with the new DJI Mavic Pro Low Noise Propellers which is something I always wonder if they do something about the noise. Well, let’s see if it’s more quieter as we would all hope and more flight time as a bonus. I think I should give you a little context of why I...
  5. Gringorio

    Prop imperfections

    Does anyone else sand off the raised number tag that sits on the leading edge of the prop? I do, and I think it helps a *tiny* bit with noise reduction. When you feel the original bumps with your finger compared to a sanded-smooth version the difference seems pretty dramatic, especially for...
  6. S

    Low-Noise Propeller Swap

    Does anyone know if the New Platinum's Quiet Props can be used on the standard Pro to reduce the noise even a little? I understand there are motor differences as well that contribute to the muting, but if the props can be swapped to muffle the Pro even a little, that would be nice.
  7. Drone Runner

    Mavic Pro Propeller Cage testing with 360 camera mount

    I'm flying in a close quarters situation soon (not people) and decided to get the Prop Cage setup for my Mavic. I can see why they're no so common but I admit they do have their use. Thought I'd share a few of my thoughts and tests in case anyone was interested. I regularly fly with a Samsung...
  8. A

    Cheap Prop Storage

    Cheap Mavic Prop Storage This may be of interest to someone out there. I was looking for an inexpensive prop storage solution for home and in my carry bag. I carry two complete sets with me when I’m out and the spares stay at home. I came across some Rubbermaid containers at a local Dollar...