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  1. T

    Camera settings different for QuickShots?

    I just got my Mavic Air and configured the video and photo settings to what I want. When I put it in Quickshots mode and chose Circle I happened to notice zebras filling the sky, which moments before was not the case due to my settings (and ND16 filter). Upon opening video camera settings I...
  2. E

    Delete please.I had to go to page 7 to get my answer

    I have the MA 1 week now.I noticed that when i shoot one of the QuickShots the video is save at 1080p @30fps Is there a way to shoot at higher/better resolution? Thanks,Stefanos
  3. J

    Video Shoot Planning Tool for Drones

    Are you looking for a tool to plan your next video shoot with a drone? Look no further! I will share with you my idea for such a tool that uses Google Maps and Grafio 3 as a diagramming tool. Planning your next video shoot will be quick and easy. Don’t miss another video shot due to lack of...
  4. heo3480

    Quickshot Overview - Mavic Air

    Do you like Quickshots? Which one is your favorite with Mavic Air?
  5. I

    Mavic Pro Quickshots.....

    Introduction of Quickshots are a little random and light on the instruction front. Anyone know what the angle of flight should be? What height perimeters are in the software?
  6. heo3480

    Quickshot finally available on ANDROID

    You just need to install the APK from If you don't know how I have put this tutorial together.
  7. Randy_Culp

    QuickShot Appears and Disappears

    Updated to current version of DJI GO 4 software (4.1.11) and firmware (01.04.0000) and initially after updating I saw QuickShots in the intelligent flight mode menu. I went out in the field to test it out and QuickShots was gone off the menu (Gesture Mode took its place). Came back to the...