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range test

  1. Yaros

    Going way too far with Mavic Air 2 - CE Range Test (Mallorca, Spain)

    I know I'm going to receive negative comments about this flight. I am aware I ignored some local drone regulations during this flight (BVLOS and higher than allowed), I am 70km away from an airport and I tried to not fly over urban areas as much as possible, so the flight was relatively safe...
  2. D

    Mavic 3 Range Test (NO VIDEO Provided due to legalities). 4.55 miles (24,000) ft. Limited by battery. 18% battery at home return.

    No Video due to inappropriate flight test of a mav 3. Flight started from home point at 4 AM. 4 AM was chosen because most manned aircraft and ground activity is especially limited. This is no excuse for the test. The test consisted of flying straight up from home point in sport mode to 1000 ft...
  3. Yaros

    DJI Fly 1.5.4 gives a slightly better range?

    This is pretty strange, but these last two days I was flying with the new DJI Fly 1.5.4 and I think I was getting slightly better range. The first day I was able to fly 4.2 km away, yesterday I flew to 5 km and still had signal, incredible! I'm in Europe on CE by the way! Did anyone notice...
  4. D

    Range Record? (all stock no modifications with FCC)

    Everything is stock. FCC mode.
  5. A

    8 MILE DRONE FLIGHT!!! | Mavic 2 Desert Max Range Test

  6. J

    Could this be legal?

    I just bought a Mavic 2 Zoom. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos about how to fly, and some that just show flights. In one, a guy flies his drone over three miles down a very busy road lined with skyscrapers in in a large city. I suppose it is sort of "line of site" in some sense in that...
  7. C

    Mavic 2 Range Test

    So I usually do range tests with my new drones to see how far they can go, but typically more for what the video feed looks like. I put this in both the zoom and pro sections of the forum, as I technically tested both but this video is based only on the zoom. I suspect the distances for both...
  8. heo3480

    Mavic Air Range Test - Europe

    Mavic Air Range seems to be a real hot potato with Extended Wifi instead of Ocusync and many worries if this will limit the range of Mavic Air. DJI Claims the range is 2000m in Europe so I decided to find out and test the maximum range.
  9. P

    Platinum more range than Mavic Pro?

    I’ve owned several Mavic Pros and got the Platinum several weeks ago. After taking the Platinum on very similar routes as the Pro, I’m convinced the Platinum has more range. Like 25 percent more. Now I live in Southern California which is a busy place to fly. There’s usually some sort of...
  10. B

    Mavic Pro Range Test 5.5km With Flight Footage Feedback are Appreciated

    I would like to apologize in advance for writing too long and not talking about the flight right away. I wanted to share my experiences with this drone and provide some background information regarding safety precautions I'm taking since it's a long-range flight... Mavic Pro... I have been...
  11. halley

    First Kilometer

    Made it past the 1000 meter mark for the first time. I've been really quite timid, expanding my confidence in the reliability of the Mavic. It blows away anything I had in the analog R/C world by so much it's hard to believe it's real. The green flight path in the KML from HealthyDrones...