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  1. D

    can Litchi record a mission real-time?

    Tried searching the net to see if this is possible, but most posts were 3-4 years old and so the feature may have been added since. Is it possible with Litchi to record a manual flight, then replay / re-fly that flight automatically? Not a pre-designed mission, but a live capture of a manual...
  2. LyonFam

    Samsung Galaxy A20. Can't make a screen recording

    Hi guys. i don't know if i'm too old or if samsung is weird. but i can't do frontal screen recording. i want to record game and face, is it possible? or at least screen capture
  3. Jani

    A feature what would be my savior

    I have enjoyed a lot of flying the MA2, but there is one feature what would make my life much easier... 
 MA2 is small drone, so it's easy to carry in backpack ready to fly while mountain biking. I hand launch the drone, frame the shot, put drone in tracking mode and hit the GO button. Remote...
  4. A

    Recording precise gps locations with Mavic Pro

    Hi there, firstly - apologies for the noob question; I've tried searching this for the last week or so, but perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms. I'm looking for a way to record placemarkers during my flight which can then be viewed once I'm back in the office. Background: The...
  5. M

    Video to iPhone 7

    I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I read everything I can on how to record my video to my phone and thought I followed all the recommendations, yet it never works. Here is a screen shot showing how I have my Mavic setup. (Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to add a screenshot...