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  1. eaglewoodfilms

    Recovery of a crashed and drowned DJI Mavic 2 Pro

    Crashed and drowned my Mavic 2 Pro (due to unknown reasons, technical malfunction or bird strike) into a salty fjord in Norway on the Arctic Circle. Here's the story of its chilly recovery mission. Many thanks to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue and to everyone involved! Get DJI Care Refresh...
  2. quantumvortex

    Hurricane Michael...., and an FAA email I got

    Not sure if you've seen the note the FAA sent out but in essence it states to not interfere with rescue operations BUT if you are Part 107 you are strongly encouraged to coordinate with the FAA to help in all kinds of aerial efforts. ...thought I'd post it :). Their email to inform them of...
  3. baddog

    Mavic Pro Parachute Video Example

    So just looking for some helpful feedback/opinions on this item. After a year+ of successful flying, I lost my drone for apparently no reason, according to DJI (See previous Post). My replacement "drone only" version, is on its way ($531.00 US, DJI gave me a 30% discount code) and I want to...
  4. B

    Mavic Pro saved by crane

    I backed my MP into a treetop about 88 feet off the ground while getting in position for a picture. I could see with binoculars that it was in good condition....just really stuck up there. After pondering what to do for four days, and with a rainstorm coming, I finally called my neighborhood...
  5. K

    Lost Mavic Platinum Pro. Can Someone Help With Flight Logs?

    Hi guys. I am new to the forum. I have been flying RC for 30 years. I have been flying FPV for about 5 years. My main quad is Inspire. About 2 weeks ago I purchased the Mavic Pro Platinum. The portability looked amazing! I had about 20 flights in with it. Yesterday while flying I got...
  6. T

    Mavic GPS Receiver Location

    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to drone flying, having obtained my first DJI last autumn. It was a P4. Since then, in the spring, I bought a P4Pro and more recently a Mavic. So as you can see, I'm pretty well bitten by the bug. I would add that it is the photography and videography aspects of drones...
  7. BenCathro

    My mavic crashed into the Ocean. I filmed the attempted rescue.

    I'm still not sure exactly what happened. It was bloody emotional as I'm really attached to the little guy. At least I managed to make a sweet video of the experience. Always look on the bright side. Will update if I get any info from the logs that shine a light on the cause of crash (I'm...
  8. 170419_Roster_6112


    DJI Mavic Pro 3D Flotation Recovery Undercarriage
  9. PilotMan7700

    SD Card Recovery

    Well, not sure how it happened but my card got corrupted somehow. Does anybody know of a good totally FREE piece of software that can be used to recover files on a card that has lost it's format. So I got done with my first 4K shoot. It took just shy of 2 batteries to fill a 64GB card, not sure...
  10. beachbird

    crash and amazing recovery

    So I was using my Mavic to take a family photo and got caught up in the shot and forgot about the tree behind the drone... Crashed into the tree, and thought it was gonna stay lodged in the branches. Took my hands off the sticks, and it fell through more branches, did two flips, and "caught"...