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  1. PhoenixBird

    The Gillespie Dam

    Constructed circa 1920 by a local rancher Frank Gillespie, this concrete gravity dam located on the Gila River between the towns of Buckeye and Gila Bend, Arizona, failed unexpectedly in 1993. Heavy runoff from a series of storms caused the river to overflow, and created a big gap in the...
  2. remotepilot

    Flying Around Weber Canyon, Utah

    Flying Around Weber Canyon, Utah Greetings Fellow Dronies, A few miles from my home is wide open Weber Canyon. This area has it's fair share of history with The Donner-Reed Party traveling in the canyon, the Mormon Pioneers and quite a number of early trappers and mountain men. Now, it is a...
  3. Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Abstract, slow, meditative, 420-compatible, this film explores a short section of the Cache la Poudre ("Hide the Powder") river a few miles below its alpine ...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying over the Cowlitz River Trout Hatchery

    The last light of day splashes down on the still pools, the dappled rays catching in glittering brilliance the spray from leaping trout. The cool water of the surging river glides down through brush clad banks banks towards its confluence with the mighty Columbia. I filmed this video late last...
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Misty morning on the Cowlitz River

    Winter fog flows along the chill waters of the mighty Cowlitz River, cloaking the small rural town of Toledo, Washington in a veil of mist. Lakes and ponds glisten in the light of an early January morning. I'd wanted to fly at this location for awhile now - the water filled gravel pit is a...
  6. J

    I crashed my Mavic Air after 1 hour

    Hey guys, I'm new to drones and new to this forum. Today I had a bad day due to making a bad decision. With only 1 hour and 30 minutes flight time with my brand new Mavic Air, I tried to get an under a bridge shot. Plenty of clearance and water was flowing slowly, no risk of splashing...
  7. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Soaring over Portland - Sunset in the City of Roses

    I filmed this video a few days ago - my first flight in a big city! Thanks to the fact that big cities tend to host large international airports, it's no surprise that it's tricky to find a place to fly a drone. However, there are gaps to found between no fly zones, and that's what I found here...
  8. Jim D

    Pilchuck River Morning

    Mavic Pro 2
  9. RTKD

    Cold Introspection

    Messing around with some old footage today, this was winter last year. I screwed one of the ramps up, it's really obvious to me now, but I don't think it's worth fixing for a little mess around piece. By the way, if you're looking for music I found @Eric Matyas here on the site, and he's got...
  10. surf and turf travel

    Waterproof MP2...fact or fiction?

    I think I found the answer...
  11. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Chinook Pass - Mt. Rainier Aerial Photography

    I filmed this video this week during what may have been the last bit of nice weather for November in the region. With the road closing for the winter this weekend, the area will soon be accessible only via a long trip via bike and snowshoe. It's incredible being able to fly up to the summits of...
  12. Jim D

    Autumn up the Mt. Loop

    Mavic 2 Pro
  13. Jim D

    Mt. Loop

    mt. loop hwy, WA Mavic 2 pro
  14. GeraldV

    Height stability over water

    M2P arrived Friday and had the chance to take it fopr a few test flights over the weekend. Today was hovering over a river about 5m above the surface and i noticed that the drone fluctuated its height often dropping down by around half a meter, was a little unerving given i was pretty low...
  15. Nickes

    Battery error message after bathing a river

    Hi guys ! Following this thread : MA survived bathing a river... and started to have battery error I am thinking of a power board problem. What's your opinion ? Attached is the flight log of the near-fatal crash. To sum up : - Software and hardware are up to date, - MA finished in a river...
  16. Nickes

    MA survived bathing a river... and started to have battery error

    \\ Repost from DJI forum // Hi guys ! The worst case scenario happened to me a few weeks a go : take off under the trees (no gps), fly over a bridge, kids running away, bad move, branches, drop, bath ... I retreived the MA in less then a minute, all shut down. It was all my fault here (will...
  17. A

    Mavic Hits Power Line - Survives!

    Came across this video. Mavic pro hits a high voltage power line and the blades just get damaged a bit but continues to fly with no problems. Just think, an inch up or down and the thing would of fallen to the river below!
  18. T

    Mavic Fell Into River

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com Will see if i can fish it out tommorow morning. Any suggestions?
  19. mamitagadventures


    Enjoy this travel video on our adventure sailing on the Yangtze River, from Chongquing to Yichang, China. I haven't seen very many drone flights and video captures on the this river. Being on a cruise ship and seeing a different side of china was unbelievable and truly magical. The Yangtze River...
  20. Finlandos

    Green capital of Finland.