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  1. Dunajec River

    Dunajec River

    Dunajec River from a bird's eye view. Drone flight at sunrise near Zakliczyn.
  2. MetalDetectingMichigan

    Pro River in my home town

    Took this photo of a river in my home town. Photo was taken with Mavic Pro
  3. Steve F

    Air 2 Foggy morning flight over the American River Parkway

    Posting a video of a flight I did this morning under foggy conditions over the American River Parkway on the east side of Sacramento, California. Much of the flight is on the edge of the fog bank when it is thicker. To minimize the hazard of moisture when the fog was more intense, I would only...
  4. Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    First test out with my new drone, the Mavic Air 2. Wonderful autumn sunset from Catalunya, Spain. - Drone: Mavic Air 2 - Resolution: 4K 60fps & 4K 30fps - Co...
  5. blackomega

    Mini First snow of the season - DJI Mini 2

    Hey guys. Taking my new Mini 2 down the Skeena River in beautiful British Columbia
  6. Zarabie Myślenice 2020

    Zarabie Myślenice 2020

    Myślenice Zarabie from a bird's eye view. It is an ideal place that combines many attractions. There are playgrounds for children, a park, rocky beaches and a chairlift to Góra Chełm.
  7. blackomega

    2 Zoom Fall colours in Canada

    Latest flight along the mighty Skeena River. Its been a good season for the fall colours
  8. Hummingbird.UAV

    Air 2 Flight Along the River

    A warm sunny afternoon was perfect for exploring along the North Saskatchewan River.
  9. "Bernatka" Bridge

    "Bernatka" Bridge

    "Bernatka" Bridge. If you like the movie, don't forget to Like and Subscribe ! ;)
  10. MauMau

    Cinematic Riverside Shots

    Still quite happy after switching from the Spark to the Mavic Air - here are some cinematic shots I also did with the Spark before but the Air's video quality is SO MUCH better. I really enjoy it. Location info: This is the Lech river near and inside the city of Augsburg, Bavaria (the hometown...
  11. M

    Lost my Mavic Mini when it suddenly dropped into a river

    Hello everyone. I need help to figure out what happened to my drone, and if I can get a replacement from DJI because I have DJI Care Refresh. It suddenly started descending by itself even though I was not pressing down on the stick. I am a newbie with less than 2 hours of flight experience...
  12. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying over the Newaukum River

    The Newaukum River tumbles from green mountains to even greener fields to meet the Chehalis River near the town of the same name. Before this confluence it passes through Stan Hedwall Park and under the rail bridge turned bike trail that marks the start of the long and rugged Willapa Hills Trail...
  13. emvision

    Lehigh and Delaware Rivers

    Recorded at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware rivers next to Easton, Pa. Easy to see the affect of the tropical storm - brown sediment rich water, and floating debris.
  14. blackomega

    The Skeena River

    Another drone flight of the British Columbia's amazing Skeena River
  15. blackomega

    Evening flight along the Skeena

    One of the best parts about camping is you can sit in peace and reflect on things
  16. Baqca Sanke

    Exploring the Abandoned Nature Sanctuary

    Spent Earth day exploring the abandoned nature sanctuary near my old house. Drone sequence starts at 2:29 if you want to skip ahead. Hope you all had a great earth day!
  17. Baqca Sanke

    French Broad River (Found Some Space)

    I'm just getting back into making videos. The audio in the first 20 seconds sucks because my mic hasn't come yet. Any criticism appreciated :)
  18. blackomega

    Komahan Lodge

    Fishing lodge on the Skeena River hidden in the wilderness
  19. blackomega

    Sea Lions having fun looking for food

    Here is a fun video of sea lions fishing for Oolichans. They are a tiny fish that runs through the Skeena river once a year. It is a Seafood buffet. Enjoy the video
  20. blackomega

    Wintery flight and flying in the snow

    Good morning Finally got to film some other areas of the Skeena River and surrounding areas. There is a lot more snow on the ground now. Enjoy the film and please subscribe.