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  1. billem16

    Crashed MavicPro into trees/leaves after 1 month =( ... need advice please!

    Ugh... I've been loving my MavicPro and have flown it safely for about a month now. I made such a rookie mistake last night. My Dad asked me to bring it over to fly above his house to check something on his roof. I flew up and was only looking at my phone screen/camera view, and started...
  2. P

    Greetings from Clemson, SC

    New drone enthusiast here. I'm a consultant in agriculture at Clemson, and taking a deep dive into research in remote sensing (drones/satellites) and GIS. Currently using DJI Mavic for solar energy research in agriculture. Loving drones and GIS so much, I'm considering a career change or...
  3. D


    Howdy, I am new to drones and have never owned or flown one. I do have a question that might guide me to the better drone to begin with. I am looking at the DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM of course. In reading another forum that I apparently could not access, those on there stated that the DJI MAVIC...
  4. Q

    Gifted a Mavic Pro - Is DJI Care Refresh a no-brainer?

    As the title states, I was gifted a Mavic Pro Costco bundle (new in the box) and am wondering if DJI Care Refresh is worth the $99. I'm assuming it is, but wanted to get everyone's opinions. I flew RC fixed-wing aircraft 20 years ago and have flown smaller mini drones around the house, yard...