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safety feature

  1. Yaros

    Concerned about AirportAvoidLanding! How can I avoid it?

    Hello! I fly my drone in Mallorca Spain, in the area that doesn't have any no-fly zones nearby (at least 20 km around me) but in December for Christmas I'm going to Alicante, Spain that does have all types of no-fly zones, authorization zones, warning, class D and other stuff. I heard stories...
  2. B

    Can't enable a disabled safety feature of the Mini 2

    Hello everybody, I have a question about a safety feature of the Mini 2. I would consider me as a careful (new) drone pilot but yesterday evening I did something stupid. I wanted to fly the drone indoors and got a safety warning. I don't remember the warning exactly but it was about low light...
  3. J

    Reflective Tape for Daytime Visibility

    I was thinking about putting some reflective tape on my Mavic to make it easier to view when flying at a distance during the day. The angle of the sun will be a factor in the effectiveness of the tape. I like this idea as it will not alter the takeoff weight while at the same time can be cut...
  4. J

    Ground to Altitude in Realtime

    Would anyone else find it useful to have Realtime Ground to Altitude data while flying? Most of my flights take place in the hill or mountains. It is hard to gauge your altitude relevant to the ground when flying in mixed terrain. Especially when flying over a valley, down into a valley from...
  5. G

    Auto tripod mode for landing

    I almost went into the lake yesterday when a slight unexpected gust threw me off target after my drone accepted the landing zone and began descending. My over corrections didn't help any. That being said if maybe I had toned down controls and also the ability to adjust height on my own instead...