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  1. aerialnorthwest

    AI Benefits for Drone Pilots: OpenAI and ChatGPT

    Happy Wednesday Airmates! The commercial drone industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, with drones being used for everything from aerial photography and surveying to package delivery and search and rescue missions. As the demand for drone services continues to rise, so too does the...
  2. aerialnorthwest

    Drone Service Selling: Turning ‘No’ into ‘Yes’

    Happy Tuesday! Selling drone services can be a challenging task, especially when faced with rejection from prospective clients. However, a skilled drone pilot knows that a “no” doesn’t always mean the end of the conversation. These 14 step-by-tips are presented to help you turn a "NO SALE" into...
  3. aerialnorthwest

    Cold-Calling Dos and Don’ts for Drone Pilots

    Happy Weekend Aerial Cohorts! Drone pilots who are looking for new clients can use cold-calling to reach them (and that's what many do). But when making your approach it’s important to have a clear, confident, and effective approach to grab their attention and leave a lasting impression. This...
  4. jeryslo

    UAS by the Numbers

    Hello! I was searching the web for statistics on how many models for particular manufacturer were sold until now. I've come across website but its articles are mostly behind pay wall. There is also this page from FAA which mentions that there are approx. 1.5M drones registered in...
  5. A

    Licensing your drone footage

    Not 100% positive if this was the correct place for me to post this question on the forum so if it's not, please just let me know where I should post. Curious if anybody has any insight or advice with licensing your footage? I have flown professionally, but I also enjoy just flying for fun and...
  6. M

    Beware of Mavic Pro Scam: Drones4You

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post this thread so that everyone is aware of an ongoing scam. You may see Ads of this via Google Ads when searching for specific keywords, or through other websites... so please beware and do not try to purchase a drone from these guys - it is a scam. The Ad will...