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screen brightness

  1. Hummingbird.UAV

    mini6 ipad Screen Brightness Loss

    I have had a mini6 iPad for six months. The screen became so dim that at max brightness that I could not use it outside even with a good hood. I did a side-by-side brightness comparison with a mini4. Both have the same brightness spec. With the mini6 on full manual brightness, the mini4...
  2. B

    Feels like I'm flying blind!

    Hi all... I'm new to quad flying and really pleased to have come across this forum! Mavic Pro unboxed couple weeks ago and am really impressed with the Mavic's performance and stability. However, when my phone is attached to the controller the screen image is so dark (despite setting phone on...
  3. Z

    LCD screen brightness on Mavic controller

    I'm assuming that there is an easy fix to this problem. I can not see any of the information displayed on the actual controller's LCD screen. If I put the controller at the exact right angle, blocking some of the light, i can vaguely make out what is displayed. How do I adjust the LCD screen's...