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screen protector

  1. Red_Pyro

    Screen protector for RC-usefulness

    Many threads about screen protectors already. However none of them answer my question: Are they any useful in the first place ? Scratches don't seem to too much of an issue I find, does it also protects the screen if you happen to drop it on concrete ? What's your experience with those...

    CrystalSky screen protector

    Hello all, I ordered a CrystalSky 5.5 monitor Friday. I was curious as what kind of screen protector one uses, or recommends to protect the SC 5.5 screen from finger prints etc. ? Thank you very much for the advice and response.
  3. M

    Tempered glass screen protectors for the Mavic Controller??

    Does anybody know where I can buy an actual tempered glass screen protector for the mavic Pro Controller? I do not want to buy plastic film.. I'm looking for actual tempered glass! I know a lot of sellers on eBay/amazon post them as tempered glass but they are actually plastic. Can anybody help...