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Screen protector for RC-usefulness


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Mar 8, 2020
Basel, Switzerland
Many threads about screen protectors already. However none of them answer my question: Are they any useful in the first place ? Scratches don't seem to too much of an issue I find, does it also protects the screen if you happen to drop it on concrete ? What's your experience with those protectors for people who have been using it for a longer time ?
Thanks for your help
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I view them as insurance and often don't get a payback for several years. I keep pretty good care of my RC screen and doubt I'll ever need to replace it but screen protectors are cheap and if I drop it and scratch the face I can remove the protector and replace it. They have been extremely useful for my phone and watch but admittedly the RC Controller is less of a concern.
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I've had experiencing cracking the rear screen on my dslr, not cheap to replace. So i figured with the RC why not. The screen is much bigger than a dslr and the screen protector pretty cheap and easy to install.

As with the DSLR its my concern is bumping the screen on a sharp edge of the tripod etc, or me moving around while filming sitting, standing on different jobs. I use the ones from Sunnylife.
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G’day Red_Pyro, I only use protection on my phone and tablets. The only time I had an incident it seemed the protection took the shock and shattered, the screen underneath was fine. Hope this helps.
Glass screen shields are cheap in price and offer piece of mind from scuffs or scratches. Probably not going to help with drop.
Also consider the thickness, currently im struggling with setting up the waypoints on the screen, i reckon my glass screen protector is a little bit thick and makes the sensitivity a little bit dumb and slow. Its annoying.
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