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  1. P

    SD card or Wifi

    Hello fellows pilots. I just bought drone (SG900s) and I wanted to ask. I have two options to shot media via wifi (goes to the phone memory) or save it to the sd card. So which one is better and why, or maybe there's no difference. Let me know.
  2. J

    can any one help. might of bricked my drone doing a roll back

    hi new to the forum and praying some one can help me. ive just followed digdat0,s guide to roll back the firmware and change the perimeters but i made a mistake and didnt realise i was ment to add an internal sd card i tried to flash it twice both times stopped at 82percent then it would no...
  3. Cjcoolcat

    Help SD card won’t stay in.

    Trying to insert card and it won’t stay in the slot, seems to be some spring inside that pushes it back out. Would have thought you could press it to stay in and press to release it. When I shut the cover (which I assume pushes it back in) the app says no sad card inserted.
  4. J

    Phone Cache vs Micro SD

    Hi, really sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find. Is there a benefit to saving to Micro SD as opposed to direct to my Iphone cache? I have a large memory on iphone but upon taking the video off yesterday (my SD card was full) it seemed at a lower quality to that of the SD card...
  5. P

    Mac cannot read Mavic formatted SD card

    I have a SanDisk Extreme Plus 32gb which I formatted on the Mavic Air. Recorded video fine with no problems. I took the card out and tried to read it directly on my MacBook Pro and an error message came up saying "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I was able to plug the...