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  1. G

    Selling Drone Photos/Footage on Stock Websites

    Hello everyone, I searched for similar threads but couldn't find an exact case. The only one I saw was this comment, but I just wanted to be sure. So, I live in the UK, and as a hobbyist, I haven't registered my drone and don't have a license. I know you'll need a license if you want to fly...
  2. B

    How much should I charge

    I am semi new to this I have been flying my drone for awhile but I want to get into making money I already have my licences to fly it. I just want to know how much I should charge people, or how much others charge.
  3. M

    Crashed and went into sea water - Help please

    Hi guys, Well, I crashed my Mavic Pro about 10 days ago and wanted some help now to know what action should I take. I was flying from a boat on a place closed by high rocky walls here in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The drone took off and suddenly it lost the GPS connection going into OPTI mode and...
  4. jessica morris

    Selling Brand New Mavic Pro Remote

    I lost my drone in a tree on the third flight! Could not get it down unfortunately. I am selling my Remote Control for the Mavic. I bought the drone in February and it is barely used and perfect condition. I am asking for $230 or best offer and I will mail it to you. Hoping to use this money to...
  5. NOLA-J

    Hello from New Orleans,LA, USA - Happy to find this Forum!

    Just got my Mavic a few days ago. Very impressed with this drone. This was a serious upgrade from my Phantom 2. Any advice on how to sell the old drone?
  6. Mako79

    To fly or not fly..

    Hype-patheticals: Is he a douche?? There is more chance to be struck by lightning on clear day than it is to own a Mavic Pro, let alone a fly more bundle in Australia. Ebay has a listing that has 49 bids with 6hrs left for a Fly less package currently going for $2600... Brand new Boxed/Sealed...