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  1. M

    SOLD: Mavic 2 Pro UNOPENED Package ($1290.00)

    I have an unopened Mavic 2 Pro. I purchased it last May a week before my company bought me one. Unfortunately, I waited too long to send it back to Amazon for a refund. I thought I'd keep it "just in case." But, now I'm going to sell it as my other Mavic 2 Pro is working just fine and will...
  2. T

    $665 - Mavic Pro Fly More - Excellent Condition, Low Flight Time, Pro Owned

    Hello everyone, Selling my Mavic Pro in order to upgrade. This drone is in excellent condition, flies perfectly and has no issues. It comes with everything in the photos. I would guess that most are familiar with the specs but please feel welcome to contact me for specifics or with any...
  3. A

    Licensing your drone footage

    Not 100% positive if this was the correct place for me to post this question on the forum so if it's not, please just let me know where I should post. Curious if anybody has any insight or advice with licensing your footage? I have flown professionally, but I also enjoy just flying for fun and...
  4. stldan

    Selling Mavic Air?

    I’m selling my Air with the fly more combo. Craigslist and letgo haven’t been working out. I’ve been getting odd responses that just didn’t seem legit. I’m not really looking to ship it overseas but I’m running out of options. I live in the U.S. in Illinois. Any suggestions?
  5. E

    WTB MA Controller

    Hi guys, My MA controller was stolen from my car, the only reason they did not take the MA itself was because I had taken it with me to download the images/videos straight to my PC. I need to buy a MA controller or will be grounded for a while. I have only found very expensive ones on eBay...
  6. P

    FOR SALE: Spare Mavic Pro Controller & Battery Charger (UK Plug)

    Hi guys, Last summer I lost my drone whilst flying in Portugal. The strong offshore winds pulled it out and I couldn't bring it back. My heart dropped as I saw the drone plunge into the ocean on my live feed Luckily I had insurance, and I managed to claim back all the money to purchase another...
  7. On The Mark Aerial

    Platinum for Real Estate

    I use my Mavic Platinum for Real Estate still photos, and the realtors love the end product. They prefer still photos taken from above and from all angles. I ask them what main features to capture, such as certain selling points. I take several photos from all four corners of the properties...
  8. Riel_Highlife

    DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM "Fly More" F/S (So.Cal)

    SOLD. Mods, please delete. Thanks
  9. O

    Selling photographt

    Hey guys so I'm a little confused on how I can legally sell my photos. So i have my drone registered with the faa. I am a hobbyist and do not intend to be hired to take photos (as of right now) BUT I do go out and take some really nice photos and I have a couple I printed out and hang on my...
  10. C

    Looking to sell Mavic Pro + Fly More - Mint

    I'm looking to sell my Mavic Pro plus the Fly More Combo. Everything is in mint condition. I just simply don't have time to use it in college and could really use the money for my education. Asking $1000.
  11. L

    FOR SALE : Mavic +Tons of Accessories. Immaculate, Used 4 Times. Boxed w/Manuals

    DJI Mavic Pro Drone, +Tons of Accessories. Immaculate, Used 4 Times. Boxed w/Manuals. £1200 Non Negotiable. Will post to anywhere for additional postage fee. Less than 4 months old. Flown 4 times. Never Crashed. Drone, Battery, Batter Charger, Controller, Micro USB Cable, Iphone Cable, USB-C...
  12. D

    Selling Mavic PRO, Perfect condition

    Mavic Pro for sale with included accessories -Charger -Spare Battery -Ipad holder and dji strap -Remote Controller - DJI care activated as well! PERFECT CONDITION I would say about 10-15 flights, NO CRASHES, never pushed battery to limit No hardware problems or anything, no scratches nothing...
  13. K

    iPad Mini 2 Wifi+Cellular 16GB space gray - $150 + S/H

    iPad only, no accessories. It has a reasonable amount of dings and scuffs and one hair thin scratch on the screen, not visible when the screen is on. Also two scratches outside of the visible area near the Home button. Currently, the screen is under the anti-glare protector made of plastic and...
  14. E

    Selling Mavic Pro Combo in Israel!

    Hi guys. Decided to sell my Mavic because I just have no time to fly anymore. And at the end of June going abroad for couple months. Mavic is like a new, bought it in Kiev in April, Fly more combo version ofcourse. Drone did not fall, I did just 6-7 flyghts, everything works great. Will give you...
  15. B

    London/Mavic 4sale+xtra battery+DJI Care+hard shell case

    London/Mavic 4sale+xtra battery+DJI Care+hard shell case Hi, I'm selling my Mavic that comes together with: Two batteries Dji Care Refresh for 10 more months Hard shell case for the aircraft Charger RC with the 3 cables 8 propellers and DJI store credit of £12.14 £999.99