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  1. T

    Aiming towards a point on my DJI RC, but my Mini 3 Pro is flying in another direction.

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Mini 3 Pro, When I'm flying towards a point with the DJI RC, but the drone is flying in another direction. The drone is flying a little towards the left. There was hardly any wind. I also did a compass and IMU calibration, but it hasn't helped. Please help, Thanks.
  2. S

    Mavic Air Gimbal Dial Is also moving drone?

    So a few weeks ago, my Mavic Air started doing this weird thing. When it’s up in the air, and I try to adjust the pitch of the gimbal, the gimbal moves, but the drone also moves sideways, in which ever direction the dial is turned. I tried recalibrating a few things, but nothing worked. Any...
  3. K

    RTH sideways - compass calibration?

    I am facing problem that when I initiate RTH, MP is not facing directly to home but always some 30-40 degrees sideways. I tried several compass calibrations in proper environment and it does not seem to get better. When I try to manually correct heading angle during RTH it immediately goes...
  4. Annevanzwol

    Small hiccup in the video every second when flying sidewards

    When flying sideways there is a small hiccup in the video every second or so. Please see the sample clip below. For example look at the tree in the foreground entering at 10 seconds into the clip. Original was shot at 4K 30 fps Now that I am aware of it, it is really annoying. Does anyone...