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  1. L

    Summer and clouds

    Was so much fog and got couple months ago nice "above clouds" material.
  2. B

    Where does the sky become FAA?

    I don't think this has even been hammered out yet in the courts, but where does the sky come under the jurisdiction of the FAA? I asked because there is an interesting story over here: NASCAR teams up with DroneShield to bring down unwanted drones at racing events Basically NASCAR has...
  3. Dr. Sybren

    Skyfill: software for filling in the sky in spherical panoramas

    Hey all! I'm sure that I'm not alone in my love for the spherical panoramas that the Mavic 2 (and maybe others as well) can shoot. For the best image quality I stitch the photos myself, but then I'm left with this black sky. If you have suffered this too, suffer no more, as I've just released...
  4. S

    Mavi pro spins then crash!

    Hi, yesterday my mavic killed itself. It was doing its return to home when it had a gimbal overload then lost connection with the controller. The data from the flight shows it performing normally then it seems to plummet to the ground while spinning uncontrolably. To clarify- it did not hit...
  5. Dubwilcox

    Mavic Disappeared Mid-Flight

    Earlier today I was flying my Mavic at a beach in Mexico. Everything was excellent, 14 satellites, 54% battery, clear video transmission. I was moving it slightly horizontally, but far from any obstacles. All of a sudden, I got "Aircraft disconnected" on the display, and the prompt about...
  6. A

    Theory explaining how Mavic could drop down from skies... Your thoughts, please...

    Please guys... It might be very important... I have developed a theory that explains why and how the Mavics are dropping down from the skies... I would like to hear your thoughts and contributions, please... I have read lots of flight data logs that were published by its unffortunate pilots...