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speed error

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    Series of odd alarms... fell to earth

    Hello Everyone, My MP encountered a series of unusual errors and then immediately fell out of the sky. It appears that something went wrong with the battery in flight. As soon as I saw the first alert, the drone was losing altitude and heading back towards the home point. I had no control over...
  2. 3

    Speed throttled and false obstacles detected!

    I was just flying my Mavic Pro at 400 feet AGL - well above all trees and obstacles. I wasn't using any tracking modes; just full manual flight control. I flew it out about a mile and on the way back it was only going like 3 miles per hour. It was also giving me occasional false obstacle...
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    Speed error

    Couple of days ago my Mavic issued Speed error and as visible from the log also Yaw error and Compass error in a short period of time at the beginning of the flight. It felt like it was drifting uncontrollably for couple of seconds. Then everything came back to normal and there were no more...