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  1. Z

    Streaming to Youtube with Mavic 3

    Hi! Did anyone successfully stream directly to Youtube? I can get the stream going, but the quality is unusable. The video is garbled and the sound stutters. Haven't tried other places. It seems Facebook requires rtmps (?) Using an iPhone 13 Pro Max from home with a fast wifi connection.
  2. D

    I can’t live stream anymore to Facebook

    Hey guys please help.. I use to be able to stream to Facebook no issues but for some reason there is a error always popping up when I try to now. Here’s a pic of the error that pops up… I’m using the mavic pro via iPhone 11 and dji 4.0 All apps are updated but I’m still getting this error. Any...
  3. Joymaker

    Streaming live video drone -> phone -> laptop

    I want to take the video feed that is coming from my drone to my phone and stream it to my Mac laptop, so that several friends can be watching while I'm flying. If I could stream it to a big television, that would be even better! (Or to the Web, in reduced resolution.) I can find several apps...
  4. Z

    streaming to laptop

    Hi Guys I am looking for a way to stream the videos during flight to a laptop (Ubuntu OS ) I wouldn't mind purchasing tools or hardware but I really need it to work Thank you Z
  5. R

    Android streaming casting to big TV

    Hi All He's a video of my attempt to go BIG SCREEN, using the android casting via wifi and connecting to the remote controller with the OTG. And technically it works. But I'm getting unreliable performance from my OTG which causes the DJI Go 4 app to fight for the wifi connection - sometimes it...
  6. Boomerang

    No gimbal/cam view on my iPhone while flying my Mavic.... Help!?

    Hi to everybody! Who can tell me how to fix the follwing problem I faced today during my first Mavic Pro flight? Despite of flying with the drone, my iPhone coupled don't shows the remote view of the gimbal/cam... I've installed the app DJI-Go-4 but can't get the a.m. view.... May someone tell...
  7. Kennetf

    Ipad Mini Preview-reception issue?

    Hey there mavic'ers! After hearing so much fuss about using the Ipad Mini in the mavic remote lately, I tired it out myself today. I experienced some glitching in the preview while using it. I had full HD streaming in like..5 seconds, and then suddenly it could start glitching all the time...
  8. DesertWindAero

    Live streaming to multiple devices?

    Does anyone know if the Mavic will be able to stream live video to multiple devices? For example, the GoPro broadcasts on its own WiFi signal, so other devices in the area can tune in to that WiFi signal (with a password). Can the Mavic do the same?