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    Video stutter issues with 4k/60fps

    Hello everyone. I'm a fairly new owner of a drone. Got the Mavic Air 2. I am recording videos with various settings to try out the drone. I recently got a SanDisk Extreme Plus V30, U3 64GB card for the drone. I shot about 10 videos @4k/60fps on the card and half of them came out with pretty...
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    Mavic Pro Stutter while tilting gimbal

    Hi, i have this issue in Mavic Pro (not platinum) with V01.04.0200 firmware installed . Please see the video just uploaded right here: The video settings are: Polar Pro ND 24fps shutter 1/50 color: Normal I use my mavic for months without any issue when tilting the gimbal. After the final...
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    Mavic Pro Severe Stutter

    Hey lads, Title says it all. Not sure if this is the correct sub to post this but oh well. In this 4K video (cropped and exported in Premiere), 24fps, you'll see some SEVERE stutter as well as the soft image. Cannot recall whether this was on 0 or -1 sharpness but this is raw footage, hot off...