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Mavic Pro Stutter while tilting gimbal


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Feb 2, 2018

i have this issue in Mavic Pro (not platinum) with V01.04.0200 firmware installed .

Please see the video just uploaded right here:

The video settings are:
Polar Pro ND
shutter 1/50
color: Normal

I use my mavic for months without any issue when tilting the gimbal. After the final version (one week ago) and the previous version (i now have the latest version installed) the mavic has these issue when tilting the gimbal.
In the beginning i thought that it was a gimbal issue. So i did the following:
-i calibrated gimbal
-calibrated IMU
-reset mavic to factory settings
-refreshed firmware (via assistant 2)
-downgraded to previous firmaware (via assistant 2)
-formatted SD card / used several SD cards (i had no problem with the cards i previously used)
-adjusted from setting the gimbal speed

with no positive result.

I was ready to send my Mavic to DJI in Holland for inspection ( i have purchased the dji care refresh) but first i gave i try to 2 additional Mavic Pro drones (my brother and a friend of mine).

I WAS SURPRISED after the test that all 3 drones HAD THE SAME issue. I looked videos from all these drones before 2-3 months (obviously they had a November - December firmware installed) and they had no Stuttering issue while moving the gimbal.

So i conclude that it is a firmware issue.

Just to note that the effect DOES NOT change if i change the gimbal slower or faster.

Can other DJI members confirm this issue in order to get fixed?

I have tried 3 different drones (2 with V01.04.0200 and 1 with V01.04.0100) and they all have the exact same problem..
Have you tried this in full auto without the ND filter
Have you tried this in full auto without the ND filter

Yes... with and without filter...

In full auto and manual mode...

The same effect is in 3 mavic (not only mine). I was looking videos of my brothers Mavic during January (he only uses all auto without ND) and the Stutter is in every video...
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