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stuttering video

  1. N

    New to Mavi AIR (some video issues)

    Hi All, I recently aquired a Mavic Air and it is awesome but noticed that I got some stutter on my footage and I do not know how to fix it. Using internal storage and also on SD Sandisk Ultra Can someone tell my how to fix it? I think it is a setting issue. I'm taking the shots at 1080 24fps...
  2. KeithLa

    DJI Go video stuttering from YouTube, but not local

    This DJI Go 4 free form created video plays smoothly on my Android phone, and as a local file on my Mac and Windows PCs. However, it stutters in several spots when streaming from YouTube, Google Photos, or Google Drive. I've had DJI Go 4 rebuild the video two times, but get the same stutters in...
  3. T

    Mavic Pro Stutter while tilting gimbal

    Hi, i have this issue in Mavic Pro (not platinum) with V01.04.0200 firmware installed . Please see the video just uploaded right here: The video settings are: Polar Pro ND 24fps shutter 1/50 color: Normal I use my mavic for months without any issue when tilting the gimbal. After the final...
  4. ageer

    Shakey stuttering turns?

    Anybody run into shaky/stuttering video when rotating the mavic? I dont know if it is the quad stuttering or somehow the video. the raw video does this as well (its not a biproduct of youtube) Here are a couple examples from my youtube channel - each video is cued at the stuttering point...