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  1. Yaros

    Best practices for flying in cold/freezing temperatures with the mavic air 2?

    I will be flying my mavic air 2 in freezing temperatures for the first time in a few days, I'm coming to Ukraine now in January and the temperatures are below 0°C (32°F). What are your suggestions for doing so safely? What I already know: Only fly in good weather, no rain or wet snow The...
  2. E

    Suggestions about my very first clip with my mavic

    Hello Guys, I am really proud owner of My Mavic Drone, I went to brasil in january this year, and I recorded a nice spot with it, but I want to hear abour your opinion, what I can do better or not. Im open minded and I accept critic. The link is here: Now, end of this month I will go again to...
  3. A

    Hello From Saint Louis , Missouri

    Hey Mavic Experts & Fellow Drone pilots , I recently got my Mavic Pro , enjoying the experience so far . I was wondering if any one of you might have suggestions about good areas to fly Drones in and around Saint Louis . ( I have been flying my drone at Creve coeur lake as of now ) Thanks, Archit
  4. RickyMavic

    low light pictures suggestions

    Hey guys, I enjoy catching sunset pics but the window of opportunity for the good pics only lasts 15-20min here in Quito, Ecuador. The biggest thing I struggle with is how to capture a sharp image with the increasing low-light. I started removing the polarpro filters and flying without a...
  5. Wayleebird

    UK Mavic going to Mexico

    Hello Off to Mexico 1st week in August flying with Thompson. I think I read somewhere that you have to pay 10% of the drones value to take it in? Staying at the Moon palace any suggestions where to fly? Thanks
  6. H

    Suggestions for Litchi app...?

    Is there a reliable conduit for offering suggestions to the Litchi development team? As a cinematographer, I'd like to be able to set a 1-3 second pause on (only) the first and last waypoints in a Waypoint mission that's using path mode of curves. That would make things much better visually...