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Suggestions for Litchi app...?


Feb 22, 2017
Is there a reliable conduit for offering suggestions to the Litchi development team? As a cinematographer, I'd like to be able to set a 1-3 second pause on (only) the first and last waypoints in a Waypoint mission that's using path mode of curves. That would make things much better visually than having the video start with only an instant's pause before launching out on it's path.

I know you can set an "action" on waypoints if your path mode is set to "straight lines", but that's no good if you're wanting to use curves for a smooth video track.

I also know you can set the "finish action" to "none" which solves the problem for the last waypoint -- unless you'd like the ship to come home after the mission!

The work-around I'm using to enable a "pause" on the first waypoint is to set the #2 waypoint a little ways in front of the first waypoint, then set a speed on the first waypoint to .5 MPH. That way at least you get just a slow creep at the beginning of your shot.

Using a Mavic Pro with Litchi on Android.

Thanks for any pointers to "help" Litchi out with their features! :)

The only place the developers seem to be responsive is by email. VC Tech is [ s u p p o r t @ f l y l i t c h i . c o m ]. They have a very low and slow approach, their wishlist of features is quite long.
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A couple of other ways you could accomplish this.

1) Use the "pause" button on the remote control itself once the mission starts, then resume when the camera is rolling.
2) Use the forward/backward stick to control the position of the aircraft on its path. You're always "fighting" the forward progress of the mission so pulling back a little on the stick can hold you in stationary position indefinitely (pull farther back and you'll go backwards on the mission). I discovered this little feature and have come to appreciate it a lot for getting to the mission start point quickly and advancing quickly to a later portion of a mission as well. For instance, you have the mission cruising speed set to 5 mph and maximum speed set to 33 mph and you want to get to the middle of the mission. Pushing forward on the stick will get you to the mission start point and to any point as fast as 33 mph.
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