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  1. Yaros

    How to gain trust of Litchi Waypoints?

    I have bought Litchi a while ago, not using it often because there aren't many benefits compared to DJI Fly with Mavic Air 2, however I'm planning of using Litchi Waypoints for a project soon, I have tested the feature a couple of times, and I'm scared, for no reason. One of the reasons why I'm...
  2. ChicagoOutfit

    Is DJI's Waypoints the same as Skydio's KeyFrame?

    Hello, It's been a couple of years since I used my DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller. I never got around to using Waypoints, and have just read an interesting post on DroneDJ about KeyFrame. I don't recall that Waypoints kept in mind the path, elevation, and camera orientation... but maybe...
  3. C

    Likelihood of waypoints being enabled when Air 2S SDK is released?

    Like others, I’m eagerly waiting for the Air 2S SDK release, and hoping that I can eventually use Litchi to enable waypoint-based flights with regular video (instead of only Hyperlapse mode). I’d like to know your thoughts on the likelihood that such capability will be available once the SDK is...
  4. heo3480

    Mavic Mini Waypoints

    Mavic Mini Waypoints demo with Litchi App (beta) that also works for DJI Mavic Air 2
  5. Drone_The_Sky

    A new video about how to create Waypoint Missions with your DJI Mavic Mini for FREE - Using Drone Harmony

  6. Rhysg412

    Waypoints camera off center..

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with the waypoints feature on the Mavic, I set my way points to follow a specific route and once I launch and upload to the aircraft it starts to record and folllows the waypoints fine but the camera is way off either to the left or the...
  7. Y

    Dji Go 4 app on iPhone X problem

    Hi, I have a Mavic Air. While my iPhone conected to the controller and I enter the intelligent flight modes I can see only 8 icon (missing waypoints for example), and at the moment I disconcets the iPhone from the controller cable, the screen shows just the only 5 phone pairing intelligent...
  8. J

    First Litchi App Flight

    Featured Waypoint shots in this video are: - 2 Points of Interest reveal - Helix - Boomerang I finally got the Litchi app for autonomous waypoint missions for iOS. So far I am really pleased with the outcome of my first flight and having better control of the Mavic Pro for simulating...
  9. M

    Done with Litchi & CrystalSky

    Seriously Litchi why release it and charge people when you know that it’s potentially hazardous to our expensive drones. This is a quote this morning from Litchi after an almost tragic experience yesterday involving the two. Granted I’ve had amongst others issues but it’s clear this is getting...
  10. heo3480

    Fly Waypoints with Litchi

    DJI excluded waypoints from Mavic Air, but luckily you plan an fly waypoints mission with the Litchi App that recently started to support Mavic Air. This video shows you the simple steps to create a 4 waypoint mission with 2 points of interest I think the map-based approach is better than...
  11. C

    My Litchi Waypoints Missions

    Hey, Hope you enjoy these videos made using Adobe Premier. Most of these waypoint missions are over 6KM. Let me know what you guys think. If you do enjoy them, do let me know, so I can keep this thread updated. :)
  12. Aerial-Pixel

    Finally Litchi For the Mavic Air!

    For those of you that haven't seen, Litchi is now compatible with the Mavic Air. I updated it on my CrystalSky and went out in the back yard for some tests. Both waypoints and Pano mode worked awesome! Finally waypoints on the Air!
  13. Chip D

    Litchi Starting and Stopping the Camera

    I wanted to eliminate the takeoff and landings from my videos as I'm just too lazy to cut out the beginning and ending 7 seconds. o_O So I turned the Auto Start off. But because I can get forgetful, I wanted to create my missions that would turn the camera on and off. I created a short 4...
  14. T

    MP waypoints in negative altitude?

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to run a waypoints flight in negative altitude? What do I mean by that?... well lets say you want to film a waypoints flight down in the Grand Canyon with the pilot & homepoint up on the edge of the canyon, it wont let you go (set a...
  15. B

    Litchi Waypoint Altitude Question

    I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the two waypoint altitudes when I click the 'Above Ground' option. Let's say I'm putting waypoints in a straight line over a downward sloping hill. I want the drone to maintain a FIXED distance over the ground. Do I select the 'Above Ground' checkbox...
  16. R

    Where are Waypoint Missions stored in Android DJI Go4

    Has anyone any information on where the way-point missions are stored under Android? (I mean in the Android file sysetem)- and any information on the data format?
  17. B

    How To Build Missions On Google Earth and Import to DJI Go4 or GS Pro

    I have seen how to import in Litchi a mission prepared in Google Earth and saved in KML and the results are brilliant. I do not have yet Litchi and I do not know if I am going to buy it: is there a way to import the KML file in DJI Go4? As an alternative - if that App for IPad is trustable... -...
  18. GP-Mavic

    Litchi Question regarding Waypoint Flying

    I'll be flying my Mavic into a canyon from about 150 feet above the bottom. Waypoint 1 height is set at 98 feet above my take off point, and so are the rest of the waypoints. Is the 98 foot height maintained throughout the flight (98 feet above take off point) making the flight level or will it...
  19. M

    Converting saved waypoints into mission

    Hi! Is there any way to fly a route by hand, save waypoints with the desired settings, and then create a mission from it in Litchi for example I would like to fly around a car in a recreatable way and I think it is difficult to set up a mission in Litchi with these small distances
  20. T

    Noob checking in from Tracy California

    Got the Mavic a few weeks ago. I've been flying with the go 4 app. I really like what I see on YouTube about the Litchi app of pre-programing your flight. No flights yet on the Litchi. But for what I want do with Mavic I think the litchi way-point is going to shine over the Go 4 way-point...