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  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Mini 4 Pro Waypoint Flight Test Video

    My first attempt at creating a video with the Mini 4 Pro using repeated waypoint flights, showing the transition from a bright summer day with a clear sky to a stormy day in early autumn. I did find that with this flight the Mini 4 Pro seemed to have a hard time replicating more complicated...
  2. danCER

    DJI AIR 3 WAYPOINTS End of Flight Issue

    Hello, I have been planning Waypoints Missions ever since I began with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, so I am not unfamiliar with how to set up a waypoints mission. So I decided to test my new DJI Air 3 (AGAIN) and plotted my course on the map preflight. I had 5 waypoints and in settings where you...
  3. T

    Specifying precise waypoints using RC2

    At risk of sound like a clueless newbie, I have some questions about using the Air 3 RC2 controller software to plot missions... 1) After placing a waypoint, can one review the GPS coordinates of that waypoint? 2) Can you create a waypoint from scratch by inputting such coordinate data? 3)...
  4. DJ Wes

    Air 3 Waypoints Question

    Would someone who has received their Air 3 answer a couple questions about its waypoints implementation? Does the "On Signal Lost" setting provide a "Continue Mission" option? Does DJI's Air 3 waypoints implementation provide a way to design missions using the a map instead of manually flying...
  5. B

    Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission - Failing to upload waypoints

    I am having an issue with the Mavic 3 and the waypoints missions. I pre set the waypoints on my Ipad. Adjusted elevation and speed and camera gimble angle on the waypoints. Put in a fresh battery. Fired up the Mavic 3. Then when I go to upload the waypoints it takes about 2 minutes and I get an...
  6. G

    export waypoints file?

    Hey everyone, Now that the Mavic 3 FINALLY has waypoints, I'm thinking of getting one. Could someone share a waypoints file with me? It is probably found on the SD card (txt or csv format). I'd like to look at the format and try to import my own GPS data into it. thanks, geb
  7. akdrone

    Mav 3 waypoints without hyperlapse

    In order to use waypoints with a Mav3 or Mini 3 pro one must be using Hyperlapse, correct? There is no way to set a series of points and simply record waypoints and have it fly the path while video recording and controlling the gimble position is there? I don't do much in the way of...
  8. M

    Don't crash your Mavic 3 with Waypoints missions

    Helpful hint for those taking advantage of the Mavic 3's new Waypoints firmware: DJI Fly constantly bugs you with exaggerated warnings we've grown used to ignore, but it doesn't warn you of a glaring danger with waypoints missions. When you record a waypoint mission, the waypoint heights are...
  9. jephoto

    Mavic 3 Waypoints question- new 1.00.1000 FW update

    Just updated the RC Pro and M3, trying test out planning a waypoint mission from home. A couple of YouTube videos that I watched about the new waypoint feature showed that it was easy to create and plan a mission from home. But it doesn’t appear to be letting me do that without the drone in the...
  10. B

    Waypoints 2.0 functionality

    I’m looking at upgrading from the original Mavic Pro to the new Mavic 3 Classic. What I want to do is use waypoints to automate the location, altitude, direction the camera is pointing, and gimbal tilt for video. Am I correct in saying that Waypoints 2.0 allows me to do this? Waypoints 1.0 only...
  11. D

    Waypoints and Camera Angle

    I set all the waypoints on my DJI go app in advance using the satellite view. Then I clicked each one to set the height, but I can't seem to figure out how to fly with a chosen camera angle. I would like to fly all the waypoints with the camera set to a 45 degree angle. How do I se this? I...
  12. M

    Waypoint mission creation tool

    Happy Friday Pleased to release my latest research work to create waypoint missions. (The video that describes the process) (The website that hosts the tool) Feel free to use, give me any feedback, or request features Thanks for watching. Happy and safe flying! Dr...
  13. Yaros

    How to gain trust of Litchi Waypoints?

    I have bought Litchi a while ago, not using it often because there aren't many benefits compared to DJI Fly with Mavic Air 2, however I'm planning of using Litchi Waypoints for a project soon, I have tested the feature a couple of times, and I'm scared, for no reason. One of the reasons why I'm...
  14. ChicagoOutfit

    Is DJI's Waypoints the same as Skydio's KeyFrame?

    Hello, It's been a couple of years since I used my DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller. I never got around to using Waypoints, and have just read an interesting post on DroneDJ about KeyFrame. I don't recall that Waypoints kept in mind the path, elevation, and camera orientation... but maybe...
  15. CanadaChris

    Likelihood of waypoints being enabled when Air 2S SDK is released?

    Like others, I’m eagerly waiting for the Air 2S SDK release, and hoping that I can eventually use Litchi to enable waypoint-based flights with regular video (instead of only Hyperlapse mode). I’d like to know your thoughts on the likelihood that such capability will be available once the SDK is...
  16. heo3480

    Mavic Mini Waypoints

    Mavic Mini Waypoints demo with Litchi App (beta) that also works for DJI Mavic Air 2
  17. Drone_The_Sky

    A new video about how to create Waypoint Missions with your DJI Mavic Mini for FREE - Using Drone Harmony

  18. Rhysg412

    Waypoints camera off center..

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with the waypoints feature on the Mavic, I set my way points to follow a specific route and once I launch and upload to the aircraft it starts to record and folllows the waypoints fine but the camera is way off either to the left or the...
  19. Y

    Dji Go 4 app on iPhone X problem

    Hi, I have a Mavic Air. While my iPhone conected to the controller and I enter the intelligent flight modes I can see only 8 icon (missing waypoints for example), and at the moment I disconcets the iPhone from the controller cable, the screen shows just the only 5 phone pairing intelligent...
  20. J

    First Litchi App Flight

    Featured Waypoint shots in this video are: - 2 Points of Interest reveal - Helix - Boomerang I finally got the Litchi app for autonomous waypoint missions for iOS. So far I am really pleased with the outcome of my first flight and having better control of the Mavic Pro for simulating...