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  1. Q

    Record and re-fly flight path with Course Lock?

    Hi, I've been searching for this an apologies if I missed something obvious - but I am looking for an app that can record my flight path as I fly it and then fly it again. Ideally I could then control flight speed, and possibly also have the Mavic fly the same path while allowing for...
  2. MavicMikeGA

    Where are previously saved waypoints stored?

    Where are the previous waypoint routes stored? I can only find my most recent waypoint mission. I've done several over the last week or so but only a single one, which is the most recent one, is available to select. tks!
  3. MavicMikeGA

    Waypoint Mission: Can I control the yaw of the Mavic during the mission?

    I just flew my first waypoint mission and set it up the normal way by flying to points and saving them. However, I was surprised to find that during the running of the mission that I could not aim (yaw) the craft at all. It followed the exact position that I used to set the waypoints which, by...
  4. Mavic_Ward

    Timelapse over several days or weeks

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a timelapse over several days or weeks of a construction project. A perfect timelapse would require: 1) the exact same GPS positioning both in lat and long as well as altitude. 2) the exact same shot direction in degrees. 3) the exact same gimbal...
  5. Z

    doing timelapse over multiple days with waypoint

    Hello everyone, I have been following closely threads on this group while waiting for my Mavic that I now happily have. I have been wanting to set up a waypoint mission and have the mavic repeat it mornings and evenings on different days and then mix from one to the next. I do not seem to be...
  6. R

    Litchi gimbal control is going nuts

    I have been flying test loops with Litchi in Waypoint under different scenarios. I'm getting flights where i have a POI and only a handful of waypoints, constant height, and the gimbal swoops up to the sky and down to the ground and then back like its searching for something. Doesn't do it in Go...
  7. D

    Mavic and waypoints and active track questions

    Hi all, I am currently working away over Christmas and new year while my mavic languishes in the house. I want to get some things right in my head before I come home to fly her more! I tried filming my first bit of mountain bike footage before I left and found it quite difficult because we...
  8. Member

    8 Questions for Mavic owners

    Here are some questions from someone who doesn't own a Mavic yet but likely will in the next few days. Manual: check [multiple times] Youtube: check [reviews, unboxings, stress tests, missions, crashes and compilations] Apologies if any of this is answered clearly in the manual or in a video...