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  1. heo3480

    DJI Customer Service

    Not sure if this is allowed in there, but make sure tuning into this Livestream 2PM CST on Wednesday on DJI Customer Service and Support - With me is @SeanOzz that had as much trouble as you can get with his @DJI Drones 'Let's talk DJI Customer Service - YouTube This is not to bash DJI, but...
  2. H

    Since I bought my mavic, always crash... so sad

    Dear Mavic Pilots, Since I bought my mavic pro one month ago, I couldn´t fly it, because each try, it takes off, and then drifts to the right, and crashes against the floor. Its been now about 6 times I tried it, and still happens the same. When the Drone arrived from amazon, I made all the set...
  3. D

    Mavic Pro disconnect issues - DJI Support useless

    Hey all, New here to drone flying and the Mavic Pro is my first one. I've been flying R/C Airplanes for awhile. I just bought the Mavic Pro from BestBuy a week ago and have taken it out flying half a dozen times already. I've been experiencing issues with it disconnecting the video feed, and...