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  1. A

    UAV Pilots & Operators: Elevate Critical Infrastructure Security with Your Insights

    Dear UAV Pilots and Operators, Your expertise is essential to a study focused on UAVs and critical infrastructure security. Your insights can help shape the integration and strategic use of UAV technology. As a token of appreciation for your time, participants will have the chance to win...
  2. C

    Help with pink photos

    I had an issue with a couple of photos during some missions recently, 1 photo out of each flight looks to be corrupted or something. The photo I've attached is edited to make the file size smaller but the photo directly from the drone the corrupted area was completely magenta colored. It was...
  3. ZenSamurai

    Seeking advice for a career in Drone Surveying

    Hi! So out of the blue, I've decided to get into drone photogrammetry, mapping/survey. Any advice on where to start? I was thinking of changing my Mini 2 for a proper drone and learning but adding all the costs of drone + courses + software and we break the bank. Another option I was thinking of...
  4. M

    Could anyone help me out?

    Hey guys! I am wondering if possibily any of you could help me out with a research piece i am doing for university on drones use in police forces. I really want to get people who are drone pilots to fill in my survey. I hope you wont mind as it only takes a few minutes and youll be helping me...
  5. M

    How do I aerial survey woodland?

    With rules changing in the UK around commercial work later this year, I've a couple of contacts who are landowners asking about doing some straightforward mapping of their land (mainly to get a record of bracken coverage and the like) One of the areas is flat woodland with no hills or...
  6. A

    Surveying UK village development and changing landscape

    The village where I live in Shropshire in the UK is undergoing some notable development, with a new housing estate being built. I'd like to fly the drone over the new development, some of which have recently had people move in, to capture a series of nadir photos (a few hundred) to stitch...
  7. A

    Mavic 2 Pro TopoDrone RTK upgrade kit

    Does anyone have experience with the TopoDrone RTK Upgrade Kit for the Mavic 2 Pro? Appreciate achieving centimeter-level accuracy isn't going to be essential for a lot of people on here. I'm interested to know...
  8. jakub

    Quick poll about drones bought at different places - please take a look

    Recently I came across an opinion that DJI drones bought from sources* different than original distribution are the ones with issues. Those are the units that turn off midair, fly away or are constantly loosing connection. So I though a simple questionnaire would be nice, to give us all a look...
  9. Britishbigfoot

    Greetings from the North West UK

    Hi all, it's nice to be here. This community is really on the ball, and certainly very active! Drone Factor is a new startup on Wirral, Merseyside. We're currently running three drones and are insured by insure4drones. We've got our PfCO (there are two of us under it piloting) and we're looking...
  10. Domagoj

    Surveying with Mavic Pro

    Is anyone using their Mavic Pro for surveys? I see that there is DroneDeploy which I plan to test some day but it is to expensive if I am just going to use it occasionally and will not make any money from it. Are there any cheaper or free solutions? I do not need 3D model, elevations etc... I...
  11. D

    Survey sent by DJI China points to Mavic Pro's future

    Hey! Today I got a survey from DJI in Chinese that might be pointing to the future of the Mavic. The whole survey (in Chinese, 27 questions), revolved mainly on asking what would be the interest in personalization options for the Mavic. For example, would you be interested: - If at the time of...