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tablet holder

  1. M

    Great viewing Solution without using your cellphone

    If I may offer my quick and cheap solution to upgrade your viewing experience and not tying up your cellphone while flying. First you need either a cheap tablet or ipad (I have the basic 5th generation regular ipad which is pretty cheap) Second you need the following 2 items which I have shared...
  2. C

    Mini Mods

    How about a new Mini Mods sub-form. Often although well intentioned suggestions that are valid for one of the other Mavic forums are not for the Mini. It uses different software and the MC, although looking similar, is not the same. Here's my contribution: Tablet holder & OTG power bank. I made...
  3. V

    Mavic air controller with Nvidia shield k1 tablet?

    Was just curious if anyone was using the shield k1 with the mavic air controller. Also curious if anyone had a tablet holder recommendation and/or sunhood recommendation to use the tablet with my mavic air. Any thoughts?
  4. V

    THUNDERSALES - HUGE savings on LifThor COMBO

    We just created a new LifThor Sif Standard COMBO - The COLLAPSIBLE Tablet Holder for DJI Mavic Air/Pro and Spark - with great savings! It includes - Tablet Holder with Standard clamp - 3x Video Feed Cables (Lightning / Micro USB / USB Type C) - Adjustable Lanyard - Carrying bag Use...
  5. V

    New cool review from Alex Assenmacher about LifThor and other cool stuff!

    Very nice review from WeTalkUAV - Alex Assenmacher - about the LifThor Sif Tablet Holder for DJI Mavic Pro/Air and DJI Spark! Also a good review about new hardcases and other useful gadgets for your Mavic. Thanks Alex!
  6. V

    Mid Year Sale on LifThor Sif Tablet Holder "COMBO"

    We have finally created at COMBO of the COLLAPSIBLE LifThor Sif - that includes most of the stuff you'll need to get an awesome flying experience. You save USD $50 on this combo until June 18th. Choose between Standard and XXL Tablet Holder, Lightning, Micro USB or USB Type C cable, and...
  7. davidzimagery

    Smart phone not so smart

    Today the weather was finally decent enough to try out my new Mavic Pro Platinum. Since the controller holder is only sized for a phone, that's what I used. The video screen was half green, it responded slowly to inputs and was basically worthless. So I loaded DJI 4 on the tablet I use with...
  8. J

    Experience with DirtyJDesigns tablet holder

    Hey all Wondered if anyone had any experience with the DirtyJDesigns tablet holders? They look good, but how is the balance? Like especially how small it seems when packed down. Planning to use it with my iPad 9,7" and if someone have tried to use the small version with a 9,7" tablet please...
  9. Garuda

    Ninja Props (8331 on old Mavic)

    Had some spare time and wanted to test out the new propellers (8331), new flymodes and show off my tabletsetup etc. Pretty pointless video but maybe someone finds it intresting!? LOL - Filmed on the swedish westcoast.
  10. brad_rector

    MavMount 2.0 Review

    THIS MOUNT IS AWESOME! First of all, hands down to MavMount. I just purchased my first drone (MPP) and wanted a mount for my Note 8 other than the controller. This mount is well constructed, the ball mount is crazy insane with 100% adjustment to wherever you would need it to go and the added...
  11. B

    Any experience with using a Galaxy Tab A running Android 6.0.1?

    I struggle to see the video feed on my Samsung Note 4 (crappy eyesight/insufficient brightness on the phone) and am wondering whether it would be a better option to use my Galaxy Tab A as the controller instead. Anyone have any experience with this configuration? DJI Go 4 App stability and...
  12. M

    Tablet holder from FPV Customs

    I found this the other day. I have been using my S7 but id like to go back to my Ipad mini. Has anyone got one of these... yet? And no I dont need to see the RC screen... MAVIC PRO DJI TABLET HOLDER INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING Mo
  13. flyNfrank

    OEM Tablet Holder

    I don't know if it true or not, but someone said that 98% of Mavic owners don't know about this option. If you have a standard size tablet you are good to go out of the box!
  14. Romi

    Mavic on the way, just ordered this tablet holder

    Knowing I would have my Mavic on Wednesday I started poking around the interweb and found this. I had been thinking about trying to cobble together something like this for my Nvidia Shield but this gentleman has designed and is 3D printing it for 20 bucks. Snapped it up. Dji Mavic Pro Slim...