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Mavic on the way, just ordered this tablet holder

Just a heads up. The controller does work with tablets. A guy on YouTube posted a video about it. Both arms have slots cut into them. If you remove the wire from the left side a tablet locks into the slots. You do need a longer cord though. You can use the second port (usb) to connect the tablet.

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But what keeps the tablet from just sliding out?
the same grips that keep the phone from sliding out hold on to the tablet very tightly. Seems like I read the nvidia shield is too thick or wide to fit like this anyway.
Any of you remember the guy that invented the $0.50 iPad Tablet holder for the Phantom? Search the Phantom Pilot site!

I'm working on one for the Mavic. For the price of a coat hanger and some smooth bending time, it can be done

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