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  1. P

    Still Unable to take off after last upgrade

    Hi . I'm a newbie in the drone world . I'm still getting the "unable to take off" despite last firmware update. Sure I can unlock it, but . .. Anyone with the same issue? Thanks.
  2. B

    Takeoff - 31 minute film of mountain, ocean, and urban landscapes!

    Hello Mavic Pilots! I wanted to share my 31 minute film Takeoff. The video is a collection of drone adventures and travels. Please watch and let me know your thoughts!
  3. Joymaker

    Fly off my balcony?

    I just got my Mavic air up and running. Reading the literature I see various warnings about flying over sudden changes in elevation, or mountainous areas. But for me that's what it's all about! I live in a hilly area, with interesting cliff formations, and I want to enjoy them! In particular, I...
  4. C

    Take Off Tactics

    Most of you will know that the grass doesn't need to be too long before it can cause problems at take off because the props catch the blades of grass. The solution is to take off away from the grass but this isn't always practical. I'm thinking of carrying something, maybe a small bit of...
  5. G

    Autopilot issues.. please contribute

    Hi Guys, While using the Mavic pro with autopilot I ran into a couple of issues and I would be happy for some help: 1. The most important issue: After the application crashes (and it does happen..), relaunching it or the DJI Go 4 does not gain control over the quad. I can see the image from the...
  6. R

    Controller connects fine, but mavic won't take off

    I saw some videos showing people pairing 2 controllers, a primary and a secondary, and thought it looked cool enough to buy an extra used controller off ebay. I updated the remote control firmware and paired both controllers to the mavic. My original controller works fine (even as the...
  7. R

    As soon as i take off RTH activates. Unable to fly*

    A while ago, maybe 2 weeks back, i updated to the latest firmware v01.03.0200. Updated via iOS so everything got updated nice and fine (remote, mavic, battery etc.). Except for the video quality (that seems to get worse with every update) everying went fine till this update, no erratic...
  8. N

    Skyscraper rooftop takeoff/landing

    I ordered my Mavic (my first DJI drone) a few days ago and was wondering if it was possible or safe to take off from a rooftop about 30 stories up. I live close to the beach and a park, and would fly it over those places, but I find it much more convenient to take an elevator up to the roof...