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Controller connects fine, but mavic won't take off


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May 23, 2017
I saw some videos showing people pairing 2 controllers, a primary and a secondary, and thought it looked cool enough to buy an extra used controller off ebay. I updated the remote control firmware and paired both controllers to the mavic. My original controller works fine (even as the secondary) but my new (used) controller can only control the gimbal. I re-calibrated the sticks but can't control the mavic with the new controller. Before takeoff, i can move the stick to turn left and right and notice a slight gimbal shake that usually happens before takeoff so I know the signal is getting to the mavic.
I'm just out of ideas on how to make my new controller usable. Even when I just pair the new controller and turn the other controller off, I can't use the sticks to start up the mavic. I foolishly pressed the auto takeoff button on my phone screen and had to fight my mavic not to fly away. My controller wouldn't stop it, so i had to remove the battery mid-flight to stop the aircraft, a risky maneuver due to the close proximity of the blades to battery.
Any Ideas would be welcomed and appreciated.
I don't know if it works. It is receiving and sending data to the mavic. I can see the live video feed and I can control the gimbal pan. I thought the problem was a different firmware from the mavic, but updating the firmware hasn't solved the problem.
The easy answer is that the controller is a dud, but I don't know enough about it to confirm. I'm hoping someone has an answer or idea that I didn't think of.
I'll try that. I've been checking other threads and this problem seems to be unique unfortunately.
I've been working on this for 7 hours and of course I figure it out shortly after I join this site to ask for help. I was using the usb port of my new (used) controller because I only had two android phones and the mavic only came with one of those part 3 mirco usb to mirco usb cords. I finally switched cords for my controller and found out that the micro usb to micro usb worked great on both controllers. I guess I need to buy another mavic part 3 so i can use them both in tandem. I hope this thread helps anyone with a similar problem.
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