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  1. buttons276

    Titan Drones Control Antenna

    I’ve been wanting to get this antenna for a few weeks. I went back and forth with it. I looked around for peoples reviews. Some people seemed to love them. Some people said they were snake oil. Very few people answered the questions I had. I’m not a tech wiz but I know what I wanted to know when...
  2. E


    Hi Guys, I have a Mavic Pro Platinum on the way and want to know what accessories you guys think I should get? Just so you know and to set some parameters I have no interests in landing pads, leg extensions or wraps. I am interested in if I should get the Crystal sky. If so what size? Or...
  3. Mike_Jaxson

    Titan Cylone **(Atlas)** Corrected- antenna swap

    The Titan is great unmodded this however helped my bird fly farther. Got them today and went way passed where I could before, in 20+ mph winds. They do flop down so I mounted the Titan upside down and it still works great.
  4. JoshuaCarlton


    I am selling my Mavic pro fly more combo with Titan cyclone long range antenna because I find myself using my Phantom 4 pro more. Everything is in perfect working condition, always hand caught, never a crash or hard landing. still has the original props on but I am also including 6 spare props...
  5. Haloweenhamster

    case for Titan RC & AC

    I currently use this case but I have a Titan Atlas sat at customs Anyone know of a similar style of case that can be used with the Titan quick mount and connectors? A case just for the RC & disconnected Atlas would be good Anyone know of any options