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  1. W

    Smart RTH overprotective nanny....or is it.

    I recently upgraded from Mavic pro to Platinum, and I keep finding myself returning to home thinking I was low on battery. This internal clock needs to be reset because the Platinum seems to fly forever. On the best day of the year here in the Pacific northwest I decided to do a distance run...
  2. T

    Mavic GPS Receiver Location

    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to drone flying, having obtained my first DJI last autumn. It was a P4. Since then, in the spring, I bought a P4Pro and more recently a Mavic. So as you can see, I'm pretty well bitten by the bug. I would add that it is the photography and videography aspects of drones...
  3. D

    Attaching Marco Polo Tracker to Mavic

    Hello. I have been seeing a lot of interest in the Marco Polo Tracker (Recovery). I am not going into detail about the tracker but more on where I have attached the unit to the Mavic Pro. I have seen this done in one other poster here on Mavicpilots in a single picture. I will expand...
  4. UAV Man

    GSM/GPS trackers?

    Does anyone know of a drone friendly GSM/GPS tracker I can get for my drones should they decide they've had enough of me and try to escape!!