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  1. southskene

    Non-PFcO Training UK

    Hi all, weird question so bear with me here: I'm trying to train towards my PFcO through my employer (I'm an asbestos surveyor but we are delving into aerial surveying), however my employer's insurer has insisted that I undertake at least 10 hours of guided training by a qualified instructor...


    Hi guys, check out my latest drone vlog testing Active Track + AN EPIC DRONE CRASH. Not sure why the Mavic crashed into a tree, when should have traveled in a straight line, can only blame the aliens for this... Enjoy!
  3. HiKen51

    "Soccer" practice with Mavic

    With 3 weeks' practice under my belt, my thumbs still get mixed up sometimes. My only crash so far happened when I went up into some leaves when I intended to go forward. The past couple days I've been going to a soccer field where the goals have no nets and flying through them. I just about...
  4. B

    New Mavic Pro member from Portland, OR

    Happy Summer everyone! I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and I’m new to using drones. I just got my new Mavic and I'm reaching out to the local DJI Mavic community to find out if I can get some valuable and basic mentoring/training in how to fly it. I'm willing to pay for 1 hour of training at...
  5. C

    UAVAir Course

    I just completed the "crash course" (not a good title!) with UAVAir - 2 Days of Classroom followed by a morning Flight Test. It was conducted at Exeter Racecourse. The standard of the course and the 2 tutors was absolutely brilliant: luckily I was not having to pay myself, but whatever the...
  6. Platypus

    Hello from South UK

    HI all I'm new to drones (above toy grade) recently crashed my Mavic so whilst its in for repair I am scouring the web for drone forums and like-minded people to talk to and maybe fly with!
  7. oJFw

    Going Pro: Training Course(s) – Chris Newman @ Cinechopper

    Hey all, Writing to you from Sydney, Australia. Hope you're all having a good day. I'm considering upping my flight- and editing skills to a level of professionally with a small future business venture in mind. I've already created a pretty substantial catalogue of online courses and classes...