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  1. M

    Question about traveling with Mavic

    Hello! So I have an original Mavic Pro. I am thinking about taking it to Europe from the US. I know that Europe operates under CE and the US operates under FCC. My question is, if I fly the drone in Europe will it automatically switch to CE. The more important question is, when I take it back to...
  2. TylerDrake16

    Hello from LA, I will be traveling the world with this drone!!

    follow me on instagram at TylerDrake16 to catch my first flight scheduled for this afternoon. I will be constantly updating my insta with mavic footage and I'll always share what filters I used and why. Looking forward to learning from you all
  3. Seba.89

    Where should I carry my Mavic?

    Quick question- has anyone heard about any regulations saying that mavic can not be carried in the hand luggage? All the batteries need to be placed in hand luggage anyway, but recently someone told me that the drone itself should be kept in the checked luggage - which does not make any sense to...
  4. M

    Going to Mauritius. Local rules?

    Hi Mavic Pilots, I'm going to Mauritius and wanted to know if there are any regulations I should keep in mind. Thank you.