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    Mavic 2 Pro Crashed into the sea without apparent reason

    Hello Everyone, I was flying my drone today (Mavic 2 Pro) around the coast to film the sunrise and after 5min of flight the drone just started to be uncontrollable for no apparent reason. When I lost control, the battery was at 80% and the drone had been hovering since 20sec because I was...
  2. P

    Help! Mavic Pro RC not working

    Hello there! So today for some reason, my rc and ac couldn't connect. The rc got stuck in 'connecting' and the ac kept flashing yellow. I thought that maybe it was a firmware thing, as every attempt to reconnect them failed(the controller wouldn't enter the 'binding' mode, when I did the 'rc...
  3. D

    RE Googles

    Having terrible time linking RE googles to Mavic zoom. EVERYthing is updated, firmware checked. following instruction on RE screen to start link on mavic. Nothing....probably 10 attempts so far. tried mulitiple combinations of with/without controller, full battery charges - still nothing. full...