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  1. A

    TSA and Mavic Pro Batteries M

    Taking a vacation here shortly, I have four batteries for my Mavic. As of right now they are secured individually in foam cutouts in my pelican case that houses all my accessories. Do you recommend taking the batteries out and bringing them with me as a carry on, or stowing them with my checked...
  2. Manfred Waldmeyer

    Experience travelling with a drone to the USA and back

    I just returned from a 4 week tour driving Route 66 from Chicago to LA. Unfortunately the weather was inappropriate most of the time to fly my M2Z (rain and a too much wind) and too many no drone zones. I flew from Hamburg, Germany, where I live, via London Heathrow to Chicago and back from...
  3. D

    TSA Security Check for Part 107

    I have been working feverishly over my Part 107 study materials in an effort to become certified for commercial endeavors. I am over half way finished with my training. It is really easy because I was a private pilot with an instrument rating about 10 years ago. I was on-line, researching a...
  4. jag32266

    Travel with Lipo batteries advice

    On the TSA blog there is some dated material that is still referenced by the current TSA blog- Travel Tips Tuesday: Safely Packing Batteries for Your Trip and the info contained in the PDF file is prolly just as current meaning- if they haven't changed it etc. Might want to consider printing...
  5. D

    Anyone Stopped from getting on Airplane by TSA?

    I know that there are threads discussing How to" take a Mavic on a flight, but I am curious if anyone has been stopped from getting through because of a Mavic.