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update failed

  1. L

    mavic pro firmware update impossible

    Hello, I bought a mavic pro first generation this summer on amazon. The official DJI was selling refurbished mavic pros which were like 100 dollars cheaper than the new ones and all the comments said the refurbished ones looked just like new and worked perfectly so I chose to buy a refurbished...
  2. Theo111103

    Connection interrupt while updating Mavic Pro Platinum to 1.04.0500 : Cannot update

    Hello fellow pilots! Ran into an issue updating my Mavic Pro Platinum from 1.04.0300 to 1.04.0500: During flashing the battery gave up creating a sudden stop in flashing. This resulted in the Mavic not completely getting through it's initialisation and firmware start-up. The lights flash, the...
  3. O

    Firmware Update Fail - Network Disconnected - Restart Equipment

    OK, for my first post I may be repeating stuff found elsewhere but I searched here to no avail. And I apologize too if this is too wordy. I searched for many hours in many resources so hope including as much detail as possible might help someone avoid that chore. I opened my Mavic 2 Pro...