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  1. akdrone

    USB cord from Controller to Aircraft directionality

    In the past I was confused by the fact that a cord from my Controller to my iPad would work only in one direction, thinking USB C was non directional. It may be, but DJI has definitely implemented something in a manner that some "USB-C" cords work and some don't and some that do must have the...
  2. f13dfx

    Asus ROG 5 Gaming Phone works with Moverio BT-40 Glasses

    The Asus ROG 5 Phone with 2 USB-C ports works with BT-40 Glasses!!! These phones are rare but managed to acquire a new one and I’m glad to report that both ports work!!! I really wanted to make this work with the Standard DJI Controller as a lot of people have found that they could get a...
  3. H

    Any Epson Moverio BT-40 Glasses users for FPV? [USB-C to any phone, FHD]

    Guys, Here is an idea, ASUS ROG Phones all come with 2 USB-C ports, I have ROG2 phone as backup [moved to 12 pro max last year], so people can buy them second hand, i think ASUS is up to ROG4 or ROG5, so there are lots of second hand options. The second USB-C port is 10Gbps [the normal one is...
  4. S

    OTG Cable Spark

    Hi guys, Looking for an USB-C (CS side) tot Micro USB (Spark side), length 15-20cm cable. Cant find anything... Was thinking to make a micro USB cable on the DJI mount. Does somebody knows where the OTG functionality is build in? I think in the big normal USB plug... So than a micro USB cable...