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usb connection problems

  1. P

    Mavic mini Usb problem

    When I connect the Mavic mini to my computer, "dji wm160 usb device" appears under the Mavic Mini Windows Device Manager Disc Drive. How can it appear as USB Serial (ComX) when I connect the Mavic mini. I need to do Gimbal Calibration. Thankyou.
  2. K

    Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

    Hello, This is my first post here, as I have always been able to fine solutions to my questions and problems through a quick search. Thanks for that, this place is amazing! This time I'm stumped though. Woke up this morning to a light dusting of April snow, low fog and puffy clouds, and a...
  3. I

    How to fly with two apps consequentially?

    Hi guys, I want to take off and take a few photos with Litchi and then switch to DroneDeploy and do a mission. But it seems only one app can be active in the same flying session. When I plug in the USB cable and connect remote, Litchi starts automatically. So far, this is fine. But when I quit...
  4. Humanparody

    Unable to connect nVidia Shield

    For some reason my nvidia shield will no longer connect to my bottom USB port on the controller. I've tried multiple usb cables. I can connect my iPhone 7 to the bottom port with any cable and it works just fine and I can get the shield to connect using the included mini USB cable on the side...
  5. J

    Broken Micro USB port on Mavic Remote Control

    I guess I may be the first to damage my remote control because I cannot find any other posting similar to the help I need. Unfortunately, following a flight last week, I dropped my remote. I didn't think anything of it until the next time I tried to fly and the remote was not connecting to my...
  6. P

    USB connection shows as a network adapter, not a drive

    I want to move files from the Mavic Pro to my PC using the USB cable. When I plug the cable into the aircraft and the computer, it shows up on the Win10 PC as a network adapter. No drive shows up. The position of the RC / WIFI switch doesn't matter, same result. I tried it on my other Win10...
  7. K

    USB Driver Will Not Install on Windows 10

    I flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday and took pictures. I wanted to download the pictures from the Mavic to my Windows 10 PC. I didn't have my micro SD card holder with me, thus I couldn't simply pull the SD card from the Mavic and plug the SD card into my PC. I tried to download...