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usb connection problems

  1. C

    USB Cable for Mavic Mini and Z Fold 5

    So I bought a new phone (Samsung Z Fold 5) and while it's a great upgrade on my 6 year old Samsung Galaxy S8, it means I can no longer use the original micro USB to USBC cable that came with my Mavic Mini (it's too short to reach the USBC port on the phone when mounted to the controller). I...
  2. P

    Mavic mini Usb problem

    When I connect the Mavic mini to my computer, "dji wm160 usb device" appears under the Mavic Mini Windows Device Manager Disc Drive. How can it appear as USB Serial (ComX) when I connect the Mavic mini. I need to do Gimbal Calibration. Thankyou.
  3. K

    Galaxy S5 USB Connection Issue

    Hello, This is my first post here, as I have always been able to fine solutions to my questions and problems through a quick search. Thanks for that, this place is amazing! This time I'm stumped though. Woke up this morning to a light dusting of April snow, low fog and puffy clouds, and a...
  4. I

    How to fly with two apps consequentially?

    Hi guys, I want to take off and take a few photos with Litchi and then switch to DroneDeploy and do a mission. But it seems only one app can be active in the same flying session. When I plug in the USB cable and connect remote, Litchi starts automatically. So far, this is fine. But when I quit...
  5. Humanparody

    Unable to connect nVidia Shield

    For some reason my nvidia shield will no longer connect to my bottom USB port on the controller. I've tried multiple usb cables. I can connect my iPhone 7 to the bottom port with any cable and it works just fine and I can get the shield to connect using the included mini USB cable on the side...
  6. J

    Broken Micro USB port on Mavic Remote Control

    I guess I may be the first to damage my remote control because I cannot find any other posting similar to the help I need. Unfortunately, following a flight last week, I dropped my remote. I didn't think anything of it until the next time I tried to fly and the remote was not connecting to my...
  7. P

    USB connection shows as a network adapter, not a drive

    I want to move files from the Mavic Pro to my PC using the USB cable. When I plug the cable into the aircraft and the computer, it shows up on the Win10 PC as a network adapter. No drive shows up. The position of the RC / WIFI switch doesn't matter, same result. I tried it on my other Win10...
  8. K

    USB Driver Will Not Install on Windows 10

    I flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday and took pictures. I wanted to download the pictures from the Mavic to my Windows 10 PC. I didn't have my micro SD card holder with me, thus I couldn't simply pull the SD card from the Mavic and plug the SD card into my PC. I tried to download...