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  1. hagman23

    Places to check out in Southern Utah

    Just planned a last minute trip to southern central Utah and am hoping to get some info on any interesting locations to shoot some pics/video. I am 107 and know I can't fly in Zion, Bryce, and Wilderness Areas - I'm hoping for a few recommendations or any "can't miss" spots around Mount Carmel...
  2. take a hike

    2 Pro An unforgettable Rappelling Adventure at Zion

    It has been a while since my last post, and I have got some time to hike around Zion, one of the areas I like hiking the most, the land scape is verry dramatic, full with deep canyons and mountains / towers to climb on. This time I took along my daughter and had some adrenaline rush while...
  3. San_Marino

    Air 2 Climbing down a 200ft Waterfall

    This is a short video of a rappelling trip I went on at Stewart Falls in Utah. I posted a clip of this trip a couple weeks ago, but here is the whole thing.
  4. S

    My 2021 drone adventures in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon & Washington
  5. Jim D

    2 Pro Utah Badlands & Henry Mountains

    Pano shot manual, processed and stitched in ACR
  6. Jim D

    2 Pro Valley of the Gods Sunset

    Pano shot manual, RAW, 5 shot bursts, processed in ACR, median blended, stitched in ACR.
  7. San_Marino

    Air 2 Red Rock Hoodoos from the Sky

    Some shots I got of red rock hoodoos in southern utah. Feels like you are on another planet.
  8. N

    Air 2 Fall Colors in Utah

    Fall is my favorite season! So, when I have the opportunity to fly my Mavic Air 2 in the beautiful fall colors of Utah, I take it! North Fork Park, located on the eastern side of the Wasatch Mountain Range, has a few miles of trails spread throughout its 2,600 acres of camping grounds. I'd love...
  9. N

    Air 2 Camping at Bonneville Salt Flats - Mavic Air 2

    I shot a vlog during the trip I took to Utah a couple of weeks ago! Scattered throughout the video are different drone shots I took with the Mavic Air 2. This was my first attempt at this kind of filmmaking, let me know what you think! Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting more drone...
  10. Gringorio

    Mexican Hat Utah

    Yes, its been filmed many times, but I can't help but take a flight when I pass through the area. In balance limbo. How much longer will this stand? Can it stand? Crafty climbers using aid are still able to scale the rocky outcrop without upsetting its balance. One more rainfall, one more...
  11. mysticgnarwhal

    One of our most epic years! 2019 Rewind Video. Flew my Mavic 2 Pro in many amazing locations!

    Hey all! I put together a 2019 recap video [like a lot of other people :)] -- but I think it's my best edit yet! While these aren't all drone clips, I got some amazing shots on my Mavic 2 Pro from Hawaii, Utah, LA, and Nashville...unfortunately, I didn't even take my drone to New York City...
  12. GDadd

    Highlights from Utah's Endless Scenery - Winter 2019

    Hi all, first video post. I headed to Utah in February to get some shots with the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. Having visited throughout the state several times, I was anxious to go while there was snow and few tourists. Turns out it was fortunate timing in that some of the state parks restrict...
  13. dkhullinger

    Hello! I am from Utah

    I found this website trying to learn new things. I'm new to flying. I have a Mavic Air. YouTube Follow Utah
  14. K

    Red Canyon, Dixie NF, Utah

    My first project with the Mavic Air and Premiere Pro. Your feedback appreciated.
  15. Prismatic

    Wheel of Stone in the Sky: a natural wonder in Utah

    Mexican Hat Rock, Utah This 3-minute video revolves around an immense balanced rock in southern Utah. I used a Mavic Air, and edited the 4K/30fps source to this, published as 1080p/30fps with a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. Remarkably, Mexican Hat Rock has no special protection: it's not a designated...
  16. Chip D

    State law Drone laws Specifically Utah

    I am going to be visiting the St. George Utah area in a few months, and thought I'd check and see in advance what the chances are of Drone flights in the area. Yes, I know you can't do it in National Parks such as Zion which is in close proximity. But I thought I'd check out Snow Canyon which...
  17. V

    A Summer's Worth of Hiking the Utah Rockies

    This is the culmination project of all the video I took in the past summer hiking near Salt Lake City, Utah in the Wasatch Range. It is such a beautiful area. Please let me know what you think!
  18. mysticgnarwhal

    Summer Road Trip - 5700 Miles - 14 States

    This is my first trip where I had a drone with me to get footage, and it has made the videos on a whole new level! (at least I think so...) I got some shots outside of Death Valley, Salt Lake, and the Bay Area. Here is a 1 minute video from our trip out west a few weeks ago. I'm working on a...
  19. V

    Mountain Waterfalls in Northern Utah

    Footage I've taken this spring/summer in the Salt Lake City area. Here is a list of the falls: Adams Canyon Waterfall (Layton, UT) Bells Canyon Waterfall (Sandy, UT) Scout Falls (Alpine, UT) Stewart Falls (Alpine, UT) Upper Falls (Provo, UT) Bridal Veil Falls (Provo, UT)
  20. B

    Desert views of southern Utah

    Hey guys! I filmed this edit in the desert in Southern Utah. I think I got some cool shots flying next to the rock towers/hoodoos. I'd love to hear your feedback: