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  1. P

    Vibration on all motors

    Problem: Vibration on all motors Drone: Mavic Pro (software updated), no modification, original propellers History: Never crushed or had any physical or software issue, well until now. Owned just by me, bought it new Device used: iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 14.1 iPhone app: DJI GO 4 v.4.3.38(4360) -...
  2. O

    Problem with shaky footage using the mini

    I recently found that all footage I took the last two weeks is extremely shaky. The issue seems to be much worse on anything that is close to the drone such as the trees to the bottom right side, but anything far away seems to be fine. I think it almost looks like a stabilization issue. Is...
  3. sarniac

    Silicone and solder connections

    I've done limited repairs on P2s and a Mavic Pro involving soldering wires to a printed circuit board. In most cases, there has been a coating (silicone?) covering the soldered connection. I'm guessing this is to provide waterproofing and vibration protection to the soldered connection. I...
  4. D

    Got the dreaded jello effect in cold weather. Hit some branches and then it was stable again.

    So I've been reading the forums and I know a lot of people get this jello effect when flying in sub-zero cold weather. Some say the drone needs to acclimatize before flying it. I didn't do that, I just took it out of my warm car and flew it straight away while sitting in the car. So it was out...
  5. A

    Mavic Pro video weird vibrations

    I was flying my new Mavic Pro the other day and suddenly the video started shaking weirdly as shown in the video linked below. I checked the gimbal and it was unobstructed (but I still had the little sticker with the tab, could this be an issue?). The rubber thing (vibration plate) was properly...
  6. W

    Startup idle vibrations

    Hey all I got a Mavic Pro at the end of December and have racked up about 9 hrs flight time. Loving every minute of it. Since day 1 I have noticed that when starting the Mavic (by moving the sticks down and inwards) there is quite a lot of vibration while still on the ground: the arms visibly...
  7. D

    Camera vibration

    My Mavic's gimbal and camera suddenly started to go nuts on start up, this would stop and then repeat every 30 secs or so (my Mavic has never had any crashes or hard landings and has only been flown about 8 times) I replaced the ribbon and put it all back together and it appeared to fix it...
  8. Cheech Wizard

    Mavic Pro "Quiet Propellers"

    I bought a set of Mavic Pro Platinum propellers for my Mavic Pro. On first flight I just did a regular take off and noticed my right front propellers was vibrating for about 5 seconds and them seemed to settle down, camera had some shake also for about 5 seconds. I flew after the vibration...
  9. D

    Vibrating Motors In Cold Temperature

    I haven’t opened and tested my Mavic Air but a lot of people are experiencing vibrating motors in colour tmperatures. More details here Mavic AIR vibration - shake - shaking - cavitating POSSIBLE SOLUTION Your thoughts?
  10. K

    Video Quality Issues

    Hello all, I've been flying my mavic for quite a bit and recently realized that the video quality is terrible. I did some research on the internet and saw that especially the first generation mavics can have technical problems because there was a lot of demand at that time and DJI decided to...
  11. C

    New Mavic Firmware Firmware : v01.03.0500 gimbal vibration issues

    My Mavic has operated flawlessly since purchase, (no crashes, no hard landings) but recently when updated to New Mavic Pro Firmware : v01.03.0500 DJI GO 4 App iOS : v4.0.5 started getting "Gimbal vibration errors" and aircraft to shake and make screeching noises. Tried multiple fixes including...