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video lag

  1. Yaros

    Extremely laggy video feed today, what happened?

    Hello, I was flying my Mavic Air 2 pretty far away today when suddenly the video feed froze and kept freezing, came back by looking at the compass and map, at 1 km distance the video unfroze but was very, very laggy. Even super close it would still lag, I had litchi on my phone, so I switched...
  2. Yaros

    How I fixed video feed lag at one specific place

    This is an interesting situation I got into some days ago when I was flying. Here is how it went, the problem and the solution I found! I went to a beach to fly my mavic air 2, get some footage of the sea and the area in general. It was my first time flying in that area. Launched the drone from...
  3. P

    Problems with live video on tablet

    Been using samsung s7 edge and had no issues with the mavic zoom. Friend gave me a galaxy tab 4 and using the long cord plugged into the bottom of controller the live video lags BADLY! Do I need to have it plugged into the side of the remote or what? Someone was saying something about a 3.0...
  4. D

    Mavic Pro with Galaxy S7 edge video lag

    I am new to all of this. My husband flies and I try to figure out what to do. Suggestions are appreciated. DJI says the phone is supposed to be compatible Problem? The video showing on my S7 edge lags quite a bit. When the video does show it is great. But it is constantly cutting out and...
  5. R

    Mavic Air transmission signal lost and video lag

    Hello Friends, I am having many issues with mavic air and its just a weeks old. · Signal Transmission issue: VIDEO LAG AND GLITCHES, VERY BAD RECEPTION during flight and the aircraft also got disconnected after 800 meters RTH automatically activated but I was unable to control the...
  6. M

    Video Feed For Samsung Galaxy S7 Users

    I currently run a Samsung galaxy s7 active, and up until the 4.2.20 firmware update on june 10th 2018 the mavic was running smooth. I film in a lot of remote locations where drone laws are non existent and would frequently fly out over 2 miles with little live video lag or dropout. (SEE IMAGE...

    Video Latency

    I was asked on the Phantom 4 Pro forum to test out the video latency of the new DJI integrated display controller. In doing so I compared it to the Mavic Pro and Yuneec Typhoon H. Results below.