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video lag

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    Problems with live video on tablet

    Been using samsung s7 edge and had no issues with the mavic zoom. Friend gave me a galaxy tab 4 and using the long cord plugged into the bottom of controller the live video lags BADLY! Do I need to have it plugged into the side of the remote or what? Someone was saying something about a 3.0...
  2. D

    Mavic Pro with Galaxy S7 edge video lag

    I am new to all of this. My husband flies and I try to figure out what to do. Suggestions are appreciated. DJI says the phone is supposed to be compatible Problem? The video showing on my S7 edge lags quite a bit. When the video does show it is great. But it is constantly cutting out and...
  3. R

    Mavic Air transmission signal lost and video lag

    Hello Friends, I am having many issues with mavic air and its just a weeks old. · Signal Transmission issue: VIDEO LAG AND GLITCHES, VERY BAD RECEPTION during flight and the aircraft also got disconnected after 800 meters RTH automatically activated but I was unable to control the...
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    Video Feed For Samsung Galaxy S7 Users

    I currently run a Samsung galaxy s7 active, and up until the 4.2.20 firmware update on june 10th 2018 the mavic was running smooth. I film in a lot of remote locations where drone laws are non existent and would frequently fly out over 2 miles with little live video lag or dropout. (SEE IMAGE...

    Video Latency

    I was asked on the Phantom 4 Pro forum to test out the video latency of the new DJI integrated display controller. In doing so I compared it to the Mavic Pro and Yuneec Typhoon H. Results below.