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  1. A

    Hello From Colorado

    Hello from Colorado! My name is Jason and I am a filmmaker first. I have had a drone and enjoyed learning how to fly. But it is Aerial videography over the past 20 years that I have been a custom too. That has changed a lot. Instead of hanging out of the side of a helicopter with a 45lb camera...
  2. S

    3 So I bought the Mavic 3...

    Recently bought the Mavic 3 and it is a huge upgrade from the original Mavic pro in literally every regard. To showcase it's potential I shot a cinematic series at Christie Falls and Big Horn lake (Kelowna BC, Canada). Both spots inspire photographers and videographers to capture the absolute...
  3. C

    Programmed Rotate in Place

    Looking to video a circle of people from a fixed position in the center. I'd like to program the drone (in my case, Mavic Pro) to rotate in place at a preset RPM. Does anybody know of a software or other way to accomplish this? I know that I can adjust the Yaw endpoint and hold the stick in...
  4. J

    Study for Drone Pilot Cert

    Hello Ladies ad Gentleman, My recent thread I was talking about starting a aerial photography business and I’ve been studying, watched and still watch Tony’s video on youtube and did 3dr sample tests, Anyone took the test recently? What was it like? Do you have any tips on how to study to ace...
  5. Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Khobar - Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  6. Prismatic

    In auto, does Mavic Air prioritize shutter speed or ISO?

    The Mavic Air camera can tune its exposure only by manipulating either its shutter speed or its light-sensitivity (ISO). Of those choices, which takes priority when shooting in "Auto" mode? Lowest possible ISO, to minimize digital noise in the output, or Lowest possible shutter speed, to...
  7. crayban

    If you haven't visited Armenia with your drone, you are missing out!!!

  8. C

    Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Short video of the beach and pool at my resort in Mexico, this past week. Still getting familiar with video editing, so would love some constructive criticism/feedback. Thanks!
  9. W

    Wanted - Wildlife Footage for WWF

    Hello all, I'm the staff video producer for WWF-Canada and I wanted to reach out to the Mavic community to let you know that we are always on the lookout for good wildlife drone footage particularly for marine species (Right whales, Belugas, Killer whales etc.) We've found drone videography /...
  10. FantasticMrF

    Opportunities the mavic opens up

    Filming with a mavic opens up the whole world of photography and videography on a whole new level! you can capture images and video from frightening (legal of course) heights, at bizarre perspectives and with amazing motion! i was out the other day filming down by a river and took a shot with...
  11. FantasticMrF

    Scottish Mountains + The DJI Mavic Pro

    was up hiking some mountains in Comrie, Scotland during the week with the Drovers Tryst walking group and shot a little promotional video for their website (for free)! please do leave some feedback id thoroughly appreciate it!!
  12. FantasticMrF

    Abandoned Scotland

    Hey, does anyone have any footage of any derelict buildings in Scotland; so far I've filmed two which I've linked below. They look stunning on camera and are by far my favourite thing to film so far.
  13. A

    Practise flying through PNW trees

    Just a quick little edit of some practise flying I did through some beautiful PNW trees. Mavic Pro, FCPX. Your comments are welcome!
  14. B

    SENTOSA, Singapore // DJI Mavic Pro

    Hey all, Just finished editing my latest video of Sentosa, Singapore. I would greatly appreciate feedback. Regards, James