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  1. JoostGT3

    Increasing drone visibility

    So, last weekend I was flying with some paragliding buddies and filming them air to air (see this thread for the result :D). We discussed the flight plan, separated the drone flying area from the paraglider flying area and only later did I move in a bit closer. I stayed sideways, aft or above...
  2. szh

    Hard to see when flying low—solution?

    I am still new to both drones and the Mavic. I found that it's easier to get interesting video when flying low. But when doing so, it is often very hard to see the Mavic with all the vegetation in the background, even when it's as close as 100-150 meters. And when I can not see it, I cannot...
  3. Cookedinlh

    Max Distance Mavic is visible?

    Hey you lucky people who already have received your Mavic. . . . I'm trying to keep busy, while I wait for Santa in his UPS outfit. Fingers crossed for next week. Can you do a test for me? How far away can you still see Mavic with naked eye? At what distance does it disappear or become hard...