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vision sensors

  1. M

    SC Tells Me I need to Calibrate the Vision Sensors

    1# So I'm getting a red warning message that is telling me on my Smart Controller that I need to calibrate the Vision Sensors with the DJI Assisant on a PC or Mac. So I connect my M2P via USB cable, launch the DJI Assisant 2 on my Mac, find the calibration tab enter the screen size of my...
  2. S

    Red Box not appearing when calibrating on DJI Asst 2

    Hey guys, So I’ve tried 3 different laptops, resolutions, reinstalls, chords and firmware updates and I cannot for the life of me get the software to register the red box when calibrating. Both of the front sensors have green check marks by them in the left corner screen, but that box to start...
  3. M

    Front vision sensor repair

    Hey guys!! Just crashed my drone and broke the glimbal mount and flex ribbon. In the same time of repairing it, i broke the flex ribbon cable of the right vision sensor. Now i just received the new one but after having disassembled the front vision mount i'm not sure of what to do. It's seem...
  4. S

    Cable from the left forward vision sensor is broken

    Hello, I damaged the flexcable from the left vision sensor. Is there a solution to fix this cable or must I buy a complete new vision system? Best regards
  5. W

    Vision sensors not functioning, without any error...

    Hi, My vision sensors of my MP does not work anymore, it stopped functioning mid flight and without ANY error message. This is also causing the intelligent flight modes which uses the front sensors i.e active track, quickshots and tapfly to not function. I exited active track and went back...