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Red Box not appearing when calibrating on DJI Asst 2


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Jun 21, 2018
Hey guys,

So I’ve tried 3 different laptops, resolutions, reinstalls, chords and firmware updates and I cannot for the life of me get the software to register the red box when calibrating. Both of the front sensors have green check marks by them in the left corner screen, but that box to start the calibration won’t show up. I’ve tried just about everything.

Any advice?
Do you have access to a desktop? Works for me, but my laptops dont.

Yea, I did it on my PC and it calibrated. I guess it doesn’t like laptops. It’s calibrated 100% numerous times, but after two flights I get the error again. Do you think it’s a hardware malfunction?
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Thanks. I was doing an indoor shot of a large empty living room for a friend about 5 months ago. The carpet was a very trippy design and the Mavic wasn’t able to read the distance from the floor and ended up bumping into a wall 2 feet from the ground. Thing is, I fixed the propellers and have flown it several times since without any error. I travel to Hawaii with the Mavic in an airtight hardcase, get here and it starts giving me errors. It flys fine even now, but the “Forward Left Vision Sensor Error (a00004)” keeps popping up.

Although, twice since I’ve flown it, almost all sensors went haywire and started doing its own thing. Had to land it fast before it crashed.
Sounds like a hardware issue with the LF sensor.

That’s what I’m guessing. Thanks again for the help.

I have the refresh but I’m hoping they’ll accept it because I’ve been flying with the warning. It’s been fine with the exception of the two weird freak outs it had.
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