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  1. Rhysg412

    Waypoints camera off center..

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with the waypoints feature on the Mavic, I set my way points to follow a specific route and once I launch and upload to the aircraft it starts to record and folllows the waypoints fine but the camera is way off either to the left or the...
  2. N

    Assistant 2 for Mavic - M2 Pro - Visual calibration calculation error

    Hi, Receive my Mavic 2 Pro today. Have done all firmwares update (AC + batteries , RC) IMU & Compass calibration via RC Not done any flight till now with it. After having succesfully installed DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic (without Windows 10 Driver Signature), I was then able to launch the...
  3. S

    Red Box not appearing when calibrating on DJI Asst 2

    Hey guys, So I’ve tried 3 different laptops, resolutions, reinstalls, chords and firmware updates and I cannot for the life of me get the software to register the red box when calibrating. Both of the front sensors have green check marks by them in the left corner screen, but that box to start...
  4. E

    New firmware - IMU calibration and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions ? I have watched the recommended video, done precisely as it recommends, but...
  5. E

    Calibrating IMU and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions. 2. I got a message that compass needed calibrating. I tried to do so but got...
  6. PhotoAdventures

    Few annoying issues on my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I'm gonna start with a little presentation of myself. My name is André and I'm from Portugal. I'm 26y old and recently I started following my dream of becoming a Landscape Photographer, I quit my 7-year job as a Meteorologist and since October 2017...
  7. I

    Total lost control

    Pure luck I didn't lose my Mavic Air some days ago. I wanted to examine the roof top of my parents house, that's why I started mym flight in their garden. When I started the drone, there was no GPS available. That's normally no problem, since it normally connects to GPS after some seconds in...
  8. G

    Need help. Mavic Pro grounded.

    I’ve had my Mavic for over a year now with zero problems. As I live in Canada, the little bugger stays inside most of the winter. When I put it away late in the fall, I removed and discharged all the batteries, and put it away in a nice case I use. Nicer weather now, so I pulled it out...
  9. W

    Compass error after yawing 360deg

    Hello everyone, I bought Mavic Pro a week ago and didn't have a single successful flight yet. I keep getting "Compass Error. Exit P-GPS mode..." error. Both compasses are working and are calibrated in an open field. (tested by putting metal thing to compasses - both react as they should). I...
  10. jmorse62

    Compass, GPS, then Downward Vision Sensor Errors

    While flying yesterday with just the remote I noticed the Mavic was really wandering off course. A warning came up on the RC that said check app. I think what happened is that I lost GPS signal, I was able to land and then hooked up the phone and saw compass error, and something about...
  11. J

    Controller Calibration Doesn't Fix False Input on Left Stick

    Hi Guys, For as long as I've had my Mavic I've had an issue where it would slowly yaw right when flying. I have just recently realized that it is probably the controller. When I go to calibrate controller, it always shows a 7 to 8% offset to the right which controls my yaw. I can do any...
  12. Q

    Stick Calibration

    Yesterday, I dropped my mavic controller face down from about a 3 foot height, on a wooden floor. It flew (seemingly) fine right after that. However, by the next time I turned the controller on, there was a "stick stck". I opened the screen to calibrate the controller, and it turned...
  13. Z

    Sensor Status blank for vision calibration

    Hi all, Could really use some input on this... Took my Mavic Pro out the other day, and had a bird target it thinking it was prey. Broke the propeller on the left rear causing it to drop 15 m to the ground. Vision sensors needed to be recalibrated. Using Windows 10 to do this, but below is...
  14. L

    Mavic Gimbal Calibration- GIMBAL WENT CRAZY??

    Hey guys, new mavic pilot here. in real need of your help. i just bought my Mavic a few days ago, never even flew it once. just fired it up and updated firmware. today, i calibrated it’s IMU and everything was ok. then i moved on to calibrate it’s gimbal. i clucked gimbal auto calibration...
  15. McTerry

    Have You Calibrated Your Phone?

    So this may seem strange, and I am not sure if it could cause an issue with drones but it just might. I have had my Google Pixel for a year now and just today realized it also needs to be calibrated. While the location always showed up just fine, the direction it was facing would sometimes be...
  16. M

    First flight(s), problems and solving them

    Hi, and pardon my french. English is not my native language, but I hope this makes some sense... I'm just writing my story here, I hope it helps someone who might have same issues. I bought my MP fly more combo last thursday and I was anxious to get it in the air. Before buying MP, I had been...
  17. A

    IMU won't calibrate

    After updating to the latest version, and playing around with the flight simulator for a while, I was going to update some settings when I noticed a compass calibration warning. The calibration didn't seem to work in my office so I took it outside where I also noticed an IMU update warning which...
  18. HALdrone_1

    Gimbal and Filters

    to what extent could the wrong filters effect the gimbal calibration process? could it hurt the gimbal or make it work improperly if filters are too heavy or other reasons? love to hear peoples horror stories or other tales where filters effect the way the gimbal functioned... thank you!!
  19. SkyIScrape

    Newbie needs expert advice

    Folks, Any help answering these questions would be appreciated. 1) Where the hell can I fly? I've flown my new Mavic Pro a total of three times. Each time I'm nervous as hell. Not for the fact that the only thing between me and a $1000 investment is gravity and 98 feet (beginner mode), but...
  20. G

    Controller Calibration - how?

    My mavic has developed a constant, slow, smooth left yaw. IMU, compass and other calibrations are good. In the controller config i can see a slight left bar from the top of the square so its leading me to believe i need to calibrate the controller. The problem is, i can't.... Controller is...