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dji assistant 2

  1. A

    Assistant 2 not opening in windows 10? Here is the how to.

  2. S

    Red Box not appearing when calibrating on DJI Asst 2

    Hey guys, So I’ve tried 3 different laptops, resolutions, reinstalls, chords and firmware updates and I cannot for the life of me get the software to register the red box when calibrating. Both of the front sensors have green check marks by them in the left corner screen, but that box to start...
  3. Prismatic

    Data security and DJI

    There are several threads about the DJI Assistant 2 software being flagged--by several different virus scanners--as infected. (That concern is largely countered with "Norton sucks!", "False positive!", "They're working on it.", and similar arguments.) But in these times, what would be the...
  4. Calhoun Ranger

    1.04.0300 and NFZ update fail

    Looking for solution . . . Mavic, DJI Assistant 2, upgraded to 1.04.0300. Assistant 2 said NFZ update is required; however, when I start the update, the Assistant 2 software on my laptop simply closes. I have tried multiple attempts; each time, it says the NFZ update is required, but shuts...
  5. Y

    Quick guide: How to obtain flight data from your drone (for dummies!)

    These steps just worked for me: Make sure you're connected to the internet. 1) Uninstall whatever version of DJI Assistant 2 you are using. 2) Restart your computer. 3) Go here: Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades) 4) Download DJI+Assistant+2+1.1.6.exe 5) Open DJI Assistant 2 v1.1.6 6) Plug...
  6. I

    FW UpdateV01.04.0200 & DJI Assistant 2 Update you done it yet

    FW UpdateV01.04.0200 & DJI Assistant 2 Update you done it yet? Great way to spend a few hours :-0 Apparently no Roll back from this FW update...
  7. Duckminster

    Chicken and egg update procedure

    The Mavic RC and AC are the only devices I know of that require the target device to be powered on and connected while downloading the firmware. So on a very slow internet connection such as mine, by the time I get to 75% download the drone battery is nearly exhausted and the heat from its...
  8. D

    Downloading mavic pro black box data to imac

    Hi, I am having trouble downloading black box data from my mavic to my iMac (running the latest High Sierra OS) via DJI Assistant 2. The drone and controller are correctly connected to the computer and everything is connecting ok (I have had no trouble downloading firmware updates). However...
  9. Lykus

    DJI Assistant 2 Data Viewer .DAT file loaded but no data

    In a recent fly, my MP went rogue and had a crash. I exported the .dat file from the Assistant 2 software. But when I load the file to the Viewer, there is no data displayed on the graph. See picture. What's the right way to do this?
  10. M

    Mavic Goes Slow - Really Slow (Solved!)

    Another problem Solved. I’m not sure what started this but it may have been a firmware update. My mavic would only go 5-6mph in the horizontal plane. It would go up and down much faster. Horizontal movement was very sluggish as well. I tried updating firmware from app, resetting the gain and...
  11. pierakim

    [HELP] - Mavic Pro No Longer Usable After FW & App Update

    Hi everyone, I bought a Mavic Pro three weeks ago and what an amazing bird! I took the time to read a lot of things about it, how to set it, to calibrate it, to use it the right way..And people from this forum helped a lot! I didn't want to crash it or to miss something from the config. During...
  12. donatas1

    Phantom 3 Professional.Fly to Ship

  13. B

    Assistant 2 won't work with my Mavic Pro

    Browsed all the threads relavant to this problem, not found a suitable answer yet... I connect my Mavic Pro to the laptop via different USB cables (of different make too) and start Assistant 2, latest release. Nothing happens. Log in with my DJI account, nothing happens. Reboot PC and drone...
  14. H

    DJI assistant 2 won't recognize my mavic

    Am following instructions from DroneZone to re-calibrate the forward sensors. But DJI assistant 2 (v1.1.7) won't recognize my mavic. It is stuck on Inspiron and won't change. Am using DJI Go 4.1.0 (afraid to update because of all the problems getting my android systems to work on the phone and...
  15. T

    Do I need DJI Assistant?

    Sorry if the question sounds noob, but is this app necessary? What does it actually do and is there a big difference between DJI Assistant 1 and 2? I've not flown for quite a while now. But I've been hearing this app mentioned many times. But it does not seem to be a compulsory app, unlike DJI...
  16. F

    Help! I can't access Flight Data after updating to Firmware v01.03.1000.

    Has anyone got a solution for this? or are we all in the same boat? I can no longer access my Flight Data after updating to Firmware v01.03.1000. I had no problems previously. It appears that the drive wont mount whilst connected with DJI Assistant 2.
  17. D

    DJI Assistant 2 Video and Stills download

    I've been a Mavic Pro owner for about 1 week and still haven't figured out how to download video and stills froom the drone via USB. Does the DJI Assistant provide a way to do that? The manual says it does, though I haven't found it from any of the menu selections. Other than that I've been...
  18. S

    Visual System Calibration

    I am trying to recalibrate the visual system using the DJI Assistant software, but it keeps telling me to reboot the device. Several attempts at doing this have not succeeded. Any suggestions? I am using the most recent Assistant software v 1.1.0-2 and have just updated the device firmware to 800
  19. heo3480

    Vision sensors need calibration - step by step guide

    I ran into a bit of a challenge the DJI Go 4 App told me that my Mavic Pro firmware was abnormal. It turned out my downward vision sensors needed calibration through the DJI assistant software. If you don’t know the procedure I have made this tutorial to show the steps needs to complete the...
  20. H

    RC won't connect to Flight simulation??

    I open up the DJI assistant app, the Mavic connects fine, the remote control flicks to USB for like two seconds and then it just switches straight back to Atti/gps mode, meaning I am unable to use it for flying in the simulation. I've tried a combination of things -turning on the remote first /...